Litter Box Cleaning Hacks and Why Your Cat Stares!

Do you enjoy cleaning your cat’s litter box? You are not alone in this. While your cat may not need much litter box training since it is an inbred characteristic, there are factors to consider to make sure that the whole litter box experience is smooth. This will translate in having an easier time while … Read more

Causes of Allergic Reactions and Solutions

Do you sneeze, wheeze, cough or get an irritation as soon as you are around a cat litter box? You may even think that cats make you sick, but it is likely that the litter box could be causing you to develop an allergic reaction. Unfortunately, cats produce allergic reactions in human beings and they … Read more

Causes of Poor Elimination Behaviour And Their Solutions

Cats are fastidious creatures and naturally, they tend to instinctively bury their waste upon elimination. This is why litter box training in most cases is a smooth process. They also eliminate as far away as possible from their feeding areas especially in the wild to avoiding spooking prey or leading a predator to their nest. … Read more