Litter Box Solutions for Senior Cats

Just like our elderly in society, older cats have a litter box problem. Your cat might be well trained on how to use a litter box, but as it grows older, it suddenly develops some dislike of the litter box. This article will answer some of your questions concerning an elderly cat and the litter … Read more

Causes of Cat Skin Allergies And The Best Litter Options

Allergies can be difficult and irritating to manage, more so on cats. Just like humans, cats suffer from asthma, allergies, and respiratory disorders, especially when using the litter box.  Cats with allergies require tender loving and care from you as they undergo their healing process. This article will offer you some insight into cats’ best … Read more

Why Your Cat Has Stopped Using The Kitty Box And Fixes

Cats are amazing creatures. We all love them for their gentleness and antique around the house. You will be all good with your cat, and suddenly it launches a demonstration on the litter box with a banner reading, “Say no to the litter box.” When a cat stops using a litter box, it sends some … Read more

Why Your Cat Keeps on Knocking Over the Litter Box

Yes, you have a rewarding relationship with your cat, thanks to the care that you are giving your pet. Sometimes even with the amount of love you give your feline, they still refuse to listen to you. Cats are usually challenging to handle if you aren’t up to the task. Today they refuse to eat … Read more

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