What You Need To Know About How Often Should Kittens Poop

Have you ever initiated routine travels with your cat? You must have questioned the length of time your cat can keep her poop held in the digestive system so that no accident takes place while enjoying your ride. Well, this article gives you detailed answers to this quagmire. Poop-holding is one of the most blush-inducing … Read more

Is Cat Rolling In The Litter Box Normal? The Truth

Why does my cat roll in the litter box? If your cat is rolling around in his own feces and urine, you may be wondering why they do this. Is it because your cat doesn’t like you and wants to tell you off by ruining your furniture with his smell? Or is he just trying … Read more

Cat Asthma Natural Remedies

“What are you doing?” my neighbor asked me. “I’m giving coconut oil to my cat,” I replied, trying not to sound too crazy.  “Coconut oil for cats? Seriously?” she said with a look of disbelief on her face. With the recent surge in popularity of coconut oil as a healthy cooking ingredient, many people may … Read more