11 Best Litter Boxes For Big Cats

Are you looking for the best litter box for fat cats? I was. My cat is on the heavy side. She’s 19 pounds of fur. When deciding on a litter box for your overweight cat, you have to consider how big your cat is, but also what type of floor it’ll be sitting on. You … Read more

How To Prep Your Cat For A Long Car Ride

So, your cat wants to go camping. Cool. Now, what do you do? You buy a cat carrier to take them, right? I’ve always traveled quite a bit, ever since I was a kid. The first long trip I remember was when I was 13 years old. My mom, sister, and I flew to Maine … Read more

How to solve your cat crying in the litter box

I’ve rescued my new kitten a few months ago.  He’s a wonderful cat who is very involved in everything I do. One thing is particularly interesting, though – as soon as I put him in the litter box for doing his business, he starts meowing! My little kitten meows when she uses the litter box. … Read more

Reasons Why Cat Clawing Occurs And How To Prevent It

Clawing represents approximately 15% of feline behavior complaints by cat owners. Indoor confined cats will use household items for clawing if there is nothing else to scratch. Outstanding objects and areas are key targets, including soft furniture (30%), carpet (25%), logs or wood (11%), wicker furniture (6%), and hard furniture (6%). 1 Cats are known … Read more