What is The Best Cat Litter Waste Disposal System in 2022? Full Review

By Davis Wilkins •  Updated: 05/04/22 •  16 min read
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The Best Cat Litter disposal system is the Litter Genie Plus Cat Litter Disposal System.

Are you struggling with the idea of how to dispose of cat litter waste on a budget?

Let’s face it, if you’re a cat owner, you know about the terrible smell and mess caused by your feline companion’s daily bathroom habits.

Takes time and effort to clean up.

In our former cat shelter, we only had one single bucket for all the used cat litter.

And we had to empty it once a week.

It was a terrible smelly affair until we found a disposal system that was less expensive, less smelly, and easier to maintain.

You’re tired of those smelly litter boxes.

You want to go hands-free. You’re looking for the best cat litter disposal system.

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Disposing of cat litter waste can be a headache especially if you rely on dumping the litter in the kitchen waste bin.

This is not only unhygienic but also environmentally unfriendly.

This is where a convenient, odorless, and efficient cat litter disposal system comes into play.

They make sure that your beloved cat’s stinky operations are taken care of in a way that will not only keep your home smelling clean and fresh but also won’t cause you much trouble afterward.

I want to give you a comprehensive breakdown of the top 5 cat litter disposal systems that will serve you efficiently.

In this article, you will go through the litter disposal system reviews, from which you can decide which litter disposal system is the best fit for your lovely cats.

The Best Cat Litter Waste Disposal System Top Picks

If you are pressed for time, here are the top 5 picks for the best litter waste disposal system solutions that I recommend for you:

  1. Litter Genie Plus Cat Litter Disposal System
  2. Litter Champ Premium Odor-Free Cat Litter Waste Disposal System
  3. PetFusion Portable Cat Litter Disposal
  4. Litter Champ Cat Litter Waste Disposal System Scented Refill Liner

What is a cat litter waste disposal system?

A cat litter disposal system is also called a soiled litter disposal system. A good example is the LitterLocker, which is an innovative cat litter disposal container for soiled cat litter.

It ensures that the cat’s litter box doesn’t end up becoming smelly and emanating a gut-wrenching odor due to the breakdown of urine releasing ammonia.

This cat litter disposal container is a good solution to this as it keeps odors at bay and makes your life much easier.

It is an easy-to-use, hygienic invention that’s necessary for cat owners.

It resembles a disposal product for children’s diapers and it is odor-proof.

The Best Cat Litter Disposal System

1.    Litter Genie Plus Cat Litter Disposal System


It is one of the best cat litter disposal systems on the market.

The best litter genie system can be used with all types of cat litter and comes with an odor barrier technology that is inbuilt.

It is easy to use as you simply open the top, drop the cat litter trash inside, pull and push the waste pail to trap the bad odors in the lower compartment.



How does the litter genie work?

The litter genie is a waste management system that helps to keep your home clean by trapping and sealing away waste in an odorless and discreet manner.

These cat litter disposal containers have great odor control.

The system consists of a small, cylindrical waste can with a carbon filter inside that traps and eliminates bad smells.

The litter genie is easy to use- all you have to do is insert a filled bag into the top of the genie, and the genie will automatically seal it away.

The bags are easy to replace, and the litter genie can be used with any type of kitty litter.

You don’t have to worry about a smelly cat trash can in your house.

This is what makes it the best cat litter disposal system in the market.

2.    Litter Champ Premium Odor-Free Cat Litter Waste Disposal System


This Litter Champ system is convenient to use and comes with a step pedal keeping things hygienic.

It uses continuous bag technology that ensures the economical usage of disposable bags. All you need to do is tie the full bag and dispose of it off.

It is one of the best litter disposal system options in the market today.


Cons of the litter champ cat litter disposal systems:

3.    PetFusion Portable Cat Litter Disposal


It comes with a portable locking handle and a charcoal deodorizer lasting up to 6 months.

You can use the system with other waste bags and deodorizers of your taste.



4.    Litter Champ Cat Litter Waste Disposal System Scented Refill Liner

The refill liners are designed for use exclusively with the Litter Champ. The bags are tied off once full and discarded.



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How does the Litter Waste Disposal System Work?

This product consists of a cat litter waste container with an airtight seal that keeps the odor in.

In addition, there’s a special refill cartridge attached with rolls of disposal bags lasting up to six or even ten weeks for each cat.

These disposable bags are strong and fully biodegradable within five to ten months.

The operational mechanism involves opening the refill cartridge, sealing the waste liner, and inserting the cartridge into the receptacle.

When it gets to the disposal of the litter waste, open the lid, dispose of the waste then close the lid.

As soon as the bag is full, there’s an in-built cutter that you can use to cut the portion of the liner, seal it and dispose of it in the cat litter waste container.

Features of the cat waste disposal system:

These are the key features of a cat litter waste disposal system:

  1. A locking system to keep pets and children out.
  2. The cat waste container has a double seal system that ensures the odor is trapped inside.
  3. Continuous liner, easy to fill and empty.
  4. A hands-free operation to avoid touching the product.
  5. A strong cat litter scoop accompanies the product.

Benefits of the cat waste disposal system

  1. The cat waste container provides an odor-free, easy to clean, and convenient solution for disposing of litter waste.
  2. It’s easy to operate.
  3. The cat waste container can fit into sizeable home spaces.

Factors to consider before buying a cat litter disposal system

When looking for a waste cat litter disposal system, there are several things you should look out for. These are:

1.    The ability to control odor adequately:

The cat poop disposal system should prevent the cat poop and urine filthy smell from escaping and polluting the fresh air in the house.

2.    How many cats do you have?

A multi-cat household means more cat litter to handle and dispose of.

To make your work easier, position the cat poop disposal system near the litter boxes and have more than one system where necessary.

This will ensure that the multiple cats have adequate cat disposal systems for good odor control.

If you have more than one cat, choose the cat litter disposal systems with a larger capacity.

3.    Covered or uncovered?

Please go for a covered cat litter disposal system. The last thing you want is the cat poop and urine seeping through and emanating a pungent odor into your bedroom.

4.    Affordability of the litter disposal systems:

Costs are always a factor to consider before investing in something like this. While going for quality and durable systems, choose the cat litter disposal systems that are affordable too.

5.    Availability of a cat litter scoop:

Pick a cat poop disposal system that comes equipped with a cat litter scoop that allows you to scoop litter from the cat’s litter box into the cat litter disposal system box. This will make disposal easier and prevents you from touching the litter which may be harmful to you.

6.    The size of the litter disposal systems:

Depending on which room you want to place the system in, go for one that is sizeable and fits your needs.

Pro tip: Pick one that is compact since you can move it around rooms even if you decide to move houses.

7.    Availability of layering bags:

Some are fitted with later bags where you dump the litter waste into. Once filled up, you simply tie a knot at the top which prevents leakage of the cat’s urine and strong odors. They ensure your house stays smelling fresh and crisp.

How to make a DIY litter disposal system

Supplies needed:

  1. One 5-gallon plastic bucket with a lid
  2. Plastic grocery bags tall enough to line the cat litter trash can
  3. Utility knife
  4. Electric drill

Procedure for making homemade litter disposal systems:

  1. Start with a high-sided waste bin that has a secure lid. The lid is important because it will keep the smell contained until you’re ready to dispose of the waste.
  2. Cut it into two even pieces but don’t cut all the way through to completely detach the pieces. Leave one end attached such that you can swing the top part open and shut it while attached to the bottom part.
  3. Cut out a plastic roll that fits well on the top entry of the bin. The plastic roll acts as a refill cartridge and should have enough room to fit in the disposal bags and easily release them, one by one.
  4. Attach rolls of about 5 strong biodegradable disposal waste bags to a refill cartridge.
  5. Attach a utility knife to act as a cutter that cuts the portion of the liner once the disposal bag is full. Attach it to the inside of the cat poop holder without interfering with the locking mechanism.
  6. Cut out a plastic plate that fits perfectly in between the lower and the top portion of the bin. Attach it such that when the top and bottom sections are together, the plate seats in between them. Ensure you can pull the plate from outside to allow any waste from the top part entry into the lower section, then return it to seal off the section.
  7. Pull one of the disposal liners and tie a knot at the bottom. Extend this bag such that it hangs to the bottom section. Pull the middle plate to allow the bag to cross over to the bottom part.
  8. Cover the top of the cat poop container using its secure lid.
  9. Your litter disposal system is ready for use.
PS: A DIY litter disposal system is tedious and difficult to design. Even after following these steps, almost all products do not function well enough to contain the litter smells.

This won’t compete favorably with the best litter disposal system products currently in the market.

This is why I recommend getting the Litter Champ Premium Odor-Free Cat Litter Waste Disposal System.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I dispose of cat poop from the litter box?

You can dispose of cat poop from the litter box by using a litter waste disposal system.

Litter disposal involves scooping the soiled litter from the litter box and dropping it in the cat litter pail.

After which you rotate the handle to lock the bag.

The cat litter disposal system can then store up to two weeks’ worth of soiled kitty litter odor-free.

Once the bag is full, tie a knot and trigger the childproof cutter after which you throw away the bag into the cat litter trash can.

Refill bags come in rolls hung on a spool for easy use.


What is the best way to dispose of used cat litter?

If you are wondering where can you dispose of cat poop in the best way, these are the available options?

PS: Do not flush the litter down the toilet, as you may end up clogging your plumbing or releasing pathogens from the waste into local waterways and soil.

How do you dispose of cat poop that is sustainable?

There are several eco-friendly ways to dispose of your cat’s waste safely and in a way that doesn’t harm the environment.

  1. Compost Your Cat’s Waste:

Cat poop and biodegradable used cat litter can be composted.

It simply has to be done in a way that prevents it from getting into the human food chain or otherwise spreading disease (human or animal).

A properly managed compost pile will kill any pathogens present and make the final product safe for use in vegetable gardens.

If you are in a city and have access to a composting facility, you can compost it.

If you live in the country or suburbs, you can also mix it with yard waste and make compost.

Ensure that it’s fully composted so you don’t get any parasite eggs or larvae being released into the soil.

Here is a detailed guide on how to deal with cat waste disposal in an eco-friendly way by composting. This article will show you a step-by-step procedure on how to safely compost your used cat litter waste.

PS: If your cat's poop contains some cat litter and that is not good for compost, separate the cat's waste from the litter.

Can you flush cat litter poop?

Don’t flush cat litter poop.

Cat litter isn’t meant to break down in the water, and neither are the microbes that can cause disease.

When you flush it, cat litter can clog pipes and sewer systems, especially when combined with kitty waste.

Even if the litter is biodegradable, it doesn’t break down quickly enough to avoid clogging.

This isn’t the only reason not to flush your cat’s waste, either.

Feces can contain parasites such as Toxoplasma gondii, which can be transmitted to humans.

Studies show that this parasite has neurological effects on other mammals.

Cats infected with Toxoplasma gondii shed oocysts (immature eggs) in their feces and these eggs are not killed by municipal waste treatment plants [or septic systems].

A study titled Kitty Litter Killer: Toxoplasma gondii showed that these parasitic spores end up in the ocean where mammals such as sea otters ingest the spores.

These spores then alter the sea otters’ brain functions causing them to approach their natural predators rather than avoid them. As a result, there has been a decline in sea otter population1.

How long does cat poop take to biodegrade?

The answer depends on the environment.

How do you dispose of cat poop without plastic bags?

Here are a few ways you can get rid of cat poop without plastic bags:

  1. Use biodegradable bags.
  2. Use reusable poop pouches that are lined with paper towels or newspapers and are washable.
  3. Use newspaper bags.


Cat litter disposal is one of the most overlooked aspects of being a cat owner.

No one enjoys having to spend time cleaning out a cat’s litter box, however, it’s one of the most important parts of being the caregiver of a feline friend.

There are various types of cat litter disposal systems that are used today to make this task a lot easier.

The best cat litter disposal system is the one that you’re going to use regularly and effectively.

What makes them special compared to other alternatives?

Regardless of the disposal method you choose, it’s important to remember that cat waste carries a host of harmful bacteria that could put your family at risk for illnesses like toxoplasmosis and salmonellosis.

This is why using a litter disposal system comes in handy.

Simply put; they are designed to help you in your cat ownership responsibilities, and depending on which one you choose it may save you time, money, or make your life just a little easier.

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