Choosing The Best Cat Toilet Training Kit For Your Kitty

By Davis Wilkins •  Updated: 05/04/22 •  18 min read
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The Best Litter Box Furniture is Kitty’s Loo Cat Toilet Training Kit.

Have you ever wanted to toilet train a cat? You aren’t alone. There are hundreds of cat owners looking for a toilet training system for their felines.

The idea of training a cat to use its toilet isn’t new. People have been training their cats to use the toilet for decades now, so why haven’t we evolved past the traditional litter box yet?

Well, let’s find out.

Cat toilet training is one of the best ways to train a cat to use the toilet by himself.

By using a toilet training kit, you can easily teach your cat to use the restroom just like you do.

However, teaching your cat how to use a toilet requires a kit that will keep the process of training consistent and effective.

There are many cat toilet trainers available on the market today and ultimately, pet owners need to choose one that will work well for them.

I’m sure that many of you know how difficult it is to get a cat to use the bathroom. It can be challenging but there is hope.

I researched and found a great way to train your cat quickly using these cat toilet trainer kits.

Everything became so simple for me that I couldn’t believe I had been struggling for so long.

But don’t take my word for it, continue reading…

Thanks to the cat toilet training kit, you will no longer have to clean your cat’s waste while washing the litter box. Say goodbye to smelly cat poop and ammonia urine smells in the house.

You want to find the ideal kitty potty training kit for your kitten, but where do you start?

The stakes are higher than ever when it comes to picking the right one.

That’s why you need this in-depth but precise guide to help you.

Cat Toilet Training Kits Top Picks

If you are pressed for time, here are the top 5 picks of cat potty training kits that I recommend for your home:

  1. Kitty’s Loo Cat Toilet Training Kit
  2. Doogie’s Litter Kwitter Cat Toilet Training MultiKatKit
  3. CitiKItty Cat Toilet Training Kit
  4. Litter Kwitter Cat Toilet Training Kit
  5. Kobwa Cat Toilet Training Kits

What is toilet training a cat?

Toilet training your cat may sound like a strange phenomenon while in the real sense, it is a viable option for cat owners who are fed up with:

The solution to free yourself from all this is, is by potty training your kitten using a cat toilet training kit.

Toilet training a cat is the process of adapting a cat to use a human toilet and eliminating the litter box from your house.

Various cat toilet training systems exist to make this dream possible.

More of this is to be discussed later on.

Can you toilet train a cat?

Yes, you can toilet train a cat.

I’ve been doing it for years, with great success. It can be a little time-consuming and messy at first, but once the training’s done, you’ll have no kitty litter in your home and that is brilliant!

Factors to consider before you toilet train your cat

  1. A kitten that is between three months and six months is ideal since it hasn’t been extensively litter box trained. An older cat can still be toilet trained but it’s much harder.
  2. Your cat should be free from arthritis and any mobility problem for him to be trained easily. This will ensure they can jump and balance themselves on the toilet seat without difficulties.
  3. Be patient while toilet training your cat even if you see progress or not. While most products will claim that this is an easy eight-week process, the truth is that cats are different and usually take from ten to twelve weeks of training. Don’t rush the process to train a cat as you may have to retrain from scratch when accidents happen.
  4. Be on the lookout for scenarios where the cat may eliminate in basins, sinks, and tubs. This is an indicator that she is getting confused with the whole training process. You can leave some water in these tubs to avoid the cat from using them.
  5. Allow your cat to get familiar with the sound of the toilet flush to avoid undue stress and fear. Begin by flashing when she is far away, progress to when she’s in the room, and eventually when seated on the toilet seat. This is essential when you train your cat.
  6. Have a backup kitty’s loo box ready should you notice recurrent elimination accidents happening. It could be an indicator that the training is unsuccessful. A cat toilet training system should be chosen carefully.
  7. Should the cat toilet seat fail to fit well on the toilet seat due to differences in shape and design, you may have to hold it down firmly with duct tape to secure it.
  8. Bold and confident cats are more likely to have successful toilet training, unlike anxious and nervous cats.
Pro tip: Should you try all the tips and tricks and follow all the guidelines given and the training is unsuccessful, be ready to accept that. Don’t clutch at a straw. However, ensure that the failure is not on the cat toilet training system.

Benefits of Kitty Toilet Training:

  1. Economic benefits as you avoid constantly purchasing kitty litter, litter liners, scoops, and mats with the occasional kitty box replacement.
  2. Saves you from daily scooping the kitty box and dealing with odors and litter dust in the case where you have allergies. Toilet-trained cats can make your life bliss.
  3. The headache of litter tracking is solved. No more finding litter on your favorite couch.
  4. Disposing of litter, litter liners, and litter boxes can be a headache even as you aim to keep the environment clean.
Quote saying whatever it takes

Cons of cat toilet training include:

  1. Cats have an instinct to dig and bury their waste. By toilet training, you will be overriding a natural behavior.
  2. The ability to inspect your cat’s waste in a litter box helps you to quickly realize when a health problem exists and makes a diagnosis of the problem easier. This benefit is quickly flushed down the cat toilet training system, pun intended.
  3. You have to ensure the kitty’s loo door is always open, the toilet seat down and the lid open to ensure accessibility and usage.
  4. If you have multiple cats, you will need to set up multiple toilet training systems kits.
  5. You have to follow after her to flush down her waste after the cat uses the toilet.
  6. A slippery toilet seat can cause your cat to fall into the toilet, causing stress and fear of using the toilet in the future.
  7. If you will share your toilet with your cat, ensure it is always clean and sanitized to avoid the spreading of diseases. This includes the toilet seat as well.
Pro tip: Patience is the key to this game. Real patience!

The Best Cat Toilet Training Kits:

1.     Kitty’s Loo Cat Toilet Training Kit:

It’s ideal for kittens.

Once you’ve trained your kitten, this kit can serve as a cat toilet seat until it outgrows it.

Eco-friendly: It is environmentally friendly and approved by veterinarians. This loo training kit needs your cat to use pellet litter for training.

Well-fitting: It can fit round and elongated toilet seats. It comes with a platform seat and a litter bowl holder.

Pros of the Kitty’s Loo Cat Toilet Training Kits:


As a cat owner, this is my personal favorite so far!


2.     Doogie’s Litter Kwitter Cat Toilet Training MultiKatKit:

First of all, the name “Doogie’s” initially gave me the impression that this was a dog toilet training kit….and I know I’m not alone on this J

This litter twitter, one of the best cat toilet training kits is suitable for a multiple cat household.

It is made from durable bright colored plastic material.

Pros of the litter kwitter system:


3.     CitiKItty Cat Toilet Training Kit:

It is suitable for kittens and older cats.

The training period ranges from weeks to months.

Has a non-toxic polymer plastic cat toilet seat

It comes equipped with a cat toilet seat, a training manual, a litter tray insert plus a free catnip sampler.

Pros of the CitiKItty Toilet Training Kit:

  1. It is easy to setup
  2. Upon purchase, you gain access to a training forum.
  3. It fits almost all types and sizes of standard toilet seats
  4. Can be used in a multi-cat household

Cons of the CitiKItty Toilet Training Kit:

4.     Litter Kwitter Cat Toilet Training Kit:

The litter kwitter toilet training system is best for small, medium, and large cats.

The training period is usually 8 weeks or even less.

Approved by animal behaviorists and it works with the cat’s natural instincts.

Comes in colors red, green amber, and white training rings.

Pros of the litter kwitter cat toilet training product:

Cons of the litter kwitter system:

5.     Kobwa Cat Toilet Training Kits:

Ideal for cats that are three months of age or older.

This cat toilet training system works well with all types of cats including your plus-sized cat.

It leads your cat through four stages of behavior modification to teach him how to poop and pee into a toilet correctly.

It has a backup tray.

The design is sleek, with a smooth surface made of plastic.

The groove design enables easy tray removal and is convenient to use.



Two toilet bowls

What is the fastest way to litter train a kitten?

The fastest way to litter train a kitten is by following these steps:

  1. Determine a specific room for this litter training and lock all its doors and exit windows. Introduce the litter pan into this room plus the additional toys and bedding in one corner of the room. On the other furthest corner, place the feeding dishes.
  2. Bring in the kitten and lock the door. The only comfortable place to eliminate will be in the litter pan. The cat using the box will be almost mandatory.
  3. Clumping litter is ideal since it has the consistency of soil or sand. Keep it as nearly natural as can be. In case you got the kitten from a different home or shelter, use the same type of litter that they were used to.
  4. Finally, add a catnip into the litter to attract the kitten into using the litter box.
  5. To calm the kitten in case she is nervous, tense, or scared, introduce Feliway pheromone which will enable her to relax and be at ease.

How do you train a cat to use the toilet and flush?

Toilet training your cat is possible, yes it is. Most people who try it out however give up simply because they don’t exercise patience.

Below, I’ve outlined easy-to-follow steps on how you can transition your cat from using the litter box to using the toilet and flushing! Read on.

  1. Transfer your cat’s box right next to the toilet and leave it there.
  2. This spot should be comfortable for your cat and they should use the litter box in this same spot until you are confident that they are at ease with this new spot. Should your cat reject this new spot due to the drastic change in position of the litter box, move the box from its current position inch by inch over some time, towards the toilet until you finally get there in a couple of weeks.
  3. Gradually raise the height of the litter box. Ensure that the box is secure and not unstable when the cat jumps into it, so secure it properly.
  4. Continue raising it inch by inch over time until finally, the box is directly over the toilet seat. As you do this, continue to remove some litter from the litter box until all that remains is a thin layer that is about one inch deep.
  5. Introduce the cat toilet training kit into the game. Replace the litter box with this cat toilet training system kit. Make sure that you scoop the litter after every use and add some catnip to the clean litter as an attractant.
  6. Follow the instructional manual and training system guidelines of the specific cat toilet training kit system that you purchased. This finally results in your cat using the toilet without the cat toilet training system kit and even flushing after themselves. Hopefully, your cat doesn’t end up loving this flushing part too much and wasting water in the process.
  7. Reward your pet for a job well done as motivation.

What to Look For In a Cat Toilet Training Kit

Here’s what to look for when choosing a toilet training kit for your cat:

  1. A sturdy, easy-to-clean seat riser. You don’t want a seat riser that’s too flimsy because your cat will be getting in and out of it multiple times throughout the day. Although it should be easy to remove for cleaning purposes, it also needs to stay in place while your cats are using it!
  2. A ramp or steps. Most cats aren’t great at leaping up onto high surfaces, so they’ll need something to help them climb into their toilet bowl. Some kits come with ramps built into their seat risers; others include steps that attach separately to the riser.
  3. Look for a kit that comes with everything you need. This will make it easier for you to get started training your cat. A good kit should include training instructions and helpful tips that will help increase your chances of success during the training process. Be sure to read through all the instructions before starting so you know exactly what to expect during each step of the training process.
  4. Choose a kit that has a low seat height. If the seat is too high, it may not be comfortable for your cat to sit on, which could result in accidents outside of the litter box. You can test this out by sitting on different toilets yourself and seeing how comfortable they are for you. The reason why different cats prefer different seat heights has to do with their size, so choose a height that seems comfortable for your particular cat.
  5. The size of the kit. It should be large enough to accommodate your cat, whether large or tiny.
  6. The price of the kit should make economic sense for you.

Does the cat toilet training kit work?

Yes, the cat toilet training kit works. But only if you are willing to put in the time and effort.

If your cat is older, you may have a lot of trouble getting him to use the potty. I don’t know why, but older cats just seem to have a thing against change.

“The cat toilet training system kit is a brilliant way to potty train your kitten,”

Dr. Rochlitz.

How long does it take to toilet train a cat?

It depends on the cat. Some cats will use the potty within a week or two. Others will take months before they start using it on their own.

And some won’t ever be interested in using it at all.

It just depends on your cat’s personality and how much time you are willing to spend training him or her.

However, the cat toilet trainer kit will reduce the amount of time spent in toilet training your cat.

How do you make a cat toilet training kit?

You make a cat toilet training system kit by:


It would take a lot of time and patience to toilet train your cat by yourself, without the proper tools. However, thanks to recent innovations in pet training kits and automatic pet toilets, toilet training cats is much easier than it was for previous generations.

Having to clean cat feces will be a thing of the past if you opt for a good cat toilet training system kit that requires little maintenance. This is ideal for cat owners who want independence for their pet cats, but still want the convenience of letting them in and out of the house.

The right training kit will help you accomplish your goal before you know it.

A toilet-trained cat is a joy to behold.

What’s more, we’ve provided specific details about each option above so that you don’t have to waste time sifting through the selection on your own.

It can be hard to keep track of just how many options are out there, but now that you’re armed with information about the different cat toilet training kit options out there, it should be a little easier to find one that perfectly suits your needs.

I sincerely hope this guide helps you achieve this goal smoothly.

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