The Ultimate Cat Genie Review: Self Washing Self Flushing Litter Box

By Davis Wilkins •  Updated: 05/04/22 •  15 min read
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I have three cats…

When they were kittens, I wouldn’t have imagined that someday there would be such a thing as a litter box robot for cats.

But since there is one, let me tell you about the cat genie litter box.

But before we start exploring our cat genie review one must understand what exactly this product is?

The CatGenie is a self-cleaning automatic cat box system that has received huge popularity in the market.

It has a non-clogging washable granule filter, has a cover that can open and close (to avoid litter spillage), and also uses filtered water to clean the cat’s waste.

The Cat Genie makes litter box cleaning and maintenance a whole lot easier.

If you are a cat owner, then you should look into it.

It uses special crystal cat litter to handle all your cat’s waste.

It’s better and gentler on your cat’s back which I like.

Lemme give you a complete review of this product.

What’s a Cat Genie Litter Box?

This is a magical cat litter box that’s a game-changer in the world of litter boxes.

The exciting part about it is; that you don’t have to do the job you hate daily of scooping and touching the cat litter box.

This is because it is a self-washing and self-flushing litter box, thus a self-cleaning litter box.

It’s great for both you and your feline. It offers you convenience while giving your cat to dig and also play around with.

Cat Genie Features

This unique cat litter box uses plastic granules (reusable litter) and water.

It’s the first environmentally friendly, green, and self-efficient litter box that’s in the market.

Also, it’s capable of working on complete autopilot without the user intervening.

The box comes with two standard water hose equivalents to those of the washing machines. One is for the sewage out mechanism that disposes of the waste.

The other hose is connected to the water main for flushing purposes.

Its most impressive feature is the ability to dispose of the waste economically.

It catches all the cat’s debris and washes the plastic litter granules utilizing a biodegradable sanitizing solution.

The solution is used in cleaning germs and any possibility of smelling cat odor.

Pros and Cons of the Cat Genie Automatic Litter Box

Pros of Cat Genie Box:

Cons of the self-flushing litter box:

How it disposes of cat waste.

  1. Handling cat feces:

The metal scooper is positioned in the sandbox.

Once your four-legged friend finishes its business, the base starts rotating.

The plastic granules are then filtered through the scooper, separating any cat’s stool inside the cat genie box.

The waste is transferred into the waste container to be processed by the sewage water line.

  1. Handling urine:

It automatically submerges the plastic litter grains in water for disinfecting and cleaning purposes.

The process is completed when the water is drained from the waste receptacle through the sewage line.

The heating fan then dries the plastic litter.

It uses a cat genie waste box uses senses technology that determines when your cat uses the litter box.

A 10-minute delay period allows your pet to finish its business before the cleaning cycle begins.

Smart Sleep Mode Feature

The feature enables the unit to switch itself on and off when programmed to. It can be asleep for around 14 to 24 hours, and once you switch it on, the cat litter box will automatically start to clean itself. It would be cleaning itself past the 14-24 hours of use.

Sanitizing solution

It has a specialized designed solution that helps in disinfecting the plastic cat litter and the pan area.

The litter box uses a Sani solution cartridge, a green and biodegradable solution that breaks down cats’ waste found in the cat tray.

It disinfects the cat box area leaving them germ-free. This unit is environment friendly as it uses biodegradable and recyclable litter.

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How Does Cat Genie Work?

The cat genie is usually connected to a cold-water supply, ideally located in the laundry room or bathroom.

The second line can be installed in any sewer line and can be installed into any sink pipe.

There is a litter pan base section where washable plastic biodegradable litter granules are placed. This is where the cat conducts her business.

Water is then flushed down through the granules into a base unit that contains Sanisolution, a special mix of sanitizing solutions.

When the cleaning process has been automated, the base of the cat’s genie rotates, enabling the granules to be filtered through the scooper.

The scooper then traps all the solid feces and scoops it up to the waste receptacle to further break down.

The blow-drying process then takes place to dry the inside of the litter box, and the plastic litter after the litter has been disinfected and cleaned.

Depending on how you program it, you can set the litterbox to clean itself after a certain period or after the cat leaves the box for a specific time.

Alternatively, if you don’t love these two options, you can opt for the manual mode that needs you to push the button every time you wish to run the automated cleaning process.

You have to control the cat genie using the timer or button located next to the Sani solution cartridge.

Since it makes a loud noise like a washing machine, you may want to stop and avoid the automatic setup.

If the cat genie self-washing cat box starts in the middle of the night, the noise might wake you up.

Do Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes Work?

Self-cleaning litter boxes work exceptionally well.

During the self-cleaning process, the solid waste is liquified before being drained through the washable granules.

The process allows waste to drain into the sewage or toilet, depending on where you’ve placed the automatic litter boxes.

How Do You Install Cat Genie?

Cat Genie is pretty simple to install and set up.

You can install the cat genie within 15minutes.

How To Install Cat Genie With the Washer

Cat genie is wide, measuring 19 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and 21inches high.

In case you don’t have enough space in your bathroom, you can place it in the utility room and attach it to the washing machine.

When you attach it to a washing machine, the water supply, and drainpipe, flushes away the waste into a septic tank or sewage automatically. You don’t have to handle anything.

The Laundry Option

Shut the cold-water valve off and unscrew the water line hose from the valve.

You should then attach the T adapter to the waterline. The next step is to connect the cat genie litter box hose to the T adapter.

Turn the cold-water valve ON again and attach the drainage hose to the washer drain pipe. Lastly, connect the cat genie to the power outlet.

The Bathroom Option

In a bathroom, set up the drainage hook secures under the toilet seat to enable waste to drain into the toilet.

The cold water usually is to be shared with the bathroom.

Unlike the washer installation, the toilet one needs you to apply manual flashing.

Once the waste drains into the toilet bowl, you have to flush, it or any other waste.

Using a small T adapter, connect to the waterline coming into the toilet. Turn the water to your bathroom odd while installing the T adapter.

After installing the T adapter and fitting, please attach it to the water supply line.

The water supply line provides water to fill up the cat’s genie washable granules.

The drain hose is usually attached over the edge of the toilet. The wastewater from the cat genie flows through the hose into the toilet bowl.

To start cleaning;

What Is Cat Genie Washable Granules and Sani Solution Cartridge?

This litter box comes with a Sani solution and washable granules. Depending on your cat’s preference, you can opt for an unscented or scented cartridge.

The solutions are edible by cats. The sanisoultion cartridge lasts approximately 60 flushes. You don’t need to replace granules as they are washable

Since the washable granules are edible, you need to ensure you have enough granules in your litter box to reach the fill line.

Cat genie litterbox doesn’t have any dust, unlike other litter box litters.

The granules are washed every time you activate the cat genie flush; thus, you don’t have to worry about cleaning or replacing them.

The washable granules are also non-absorbent, thus reusable, making them efficient and economical.

However, they don’t absorb the dirt and litter from your cat’s litter, which may lead to little paw print trails, especially if your cat is a digger.

Whenever you have 10 washable cleaning cycles left, the cat genie litter box will warn you that you might need to replace the package soon.

playful cats

Type of Cat Genie Boxes

The Cat genie box comes in three different packages. These are cat genie, cat genie premium, and cat genie premium scent-free.

You can choose to opt for these automatic litter boxes depending on your budget and if they meet your needs.

Cat genie basic is the most basic package. It includes one Sani solution cartridge, a set of washable granules, and the litter box itself.

The cat genie premium and cat genie premium scent-free come with the genie dome and side wall attached over the existing litter box.

This way, the litter never falls out of the litter box, and you can’t see the cat poop on the litter box. These two also include additional sanisolution cartridges.

The only difference between the two is one scented, while the other one is not.

How Do You Empty and Clean A Cat Genie?

The best part about these automatic litter boxes is their self-cleaning ability. You don’t have to worry about cleaning or emptying it.

The box comes with a timer flush connected to the drainpipe to ensure all the waste drains to the toilet bowl or sewage.

The most you will have to do is flush your toilet if the litter box is attached to your bathroom.

After the flush, the hand scrapes get rid of all the particles and debris. The Sani solution then follows to decontaminate the litter box making sure no germs or odors are leftover.

However, you will have to clean the outside of the cat genie with a wet cloth like other appliances in your home.

Cat Genie Hacks, Trips, and Best Practices

In case you want to get the best out of this box, you have to imply some tricks.

  1. Sani solution cartridges normally cost around $25 per cartridge. Each cartridge needs to be replaced every two months. This might be too costly over time. To save on the cost, it’s best if you buy a 1-year supply of Sani solution, which is not only pocket-friendly, but you get more value for your money.
  2. In case you own a kitten, you should purchase the cat genie dome to protect your cat from jumping in the litter box.
  3. It would help if you also used the dome during the cleaning process to stop your feline from kicking the litter out of the box.
  4. Ensure you have enough required supplies as the units will fail to function if you don’t have enough cartridges to run the cat genie litter box.
  5. If you are looking to prevent litter trailing, it’s best to buy a mat from your local store as the unit doesn’t come with a litter mat.

Is Cat Genie Worth It?

Are your wonderings if the cat genie is worth all the hype and the fuss? It boils down to your personal preference.

If you have the money, you have every reason to go for it.

The cat box saves your efforts of scooping litter manually, and it’s hygienical.

Regular litter boxes require lots of energy and money.

Unlike other litter boxes containing dust, you stop breathing in germ-filled with smoky dust particles once you purchase a cat genie.

This cat box is also eco-friendly as it saves the plane by eliminating littering

Can A Dirty Litter Make Your Cat Sick?

A dirty litter box can not only make you sick but also your cat sick. Cats are naturally clean animals.

When they find their litter box full or messy, they may end up holding their urine until the box is clean to do their business, which might lead to some serious disease issues like a bladder infection, kidney problems, and UTI.

Bladder issues in cats can develop into bigger problems like blockage or failure that may lead to surgery or even death.

Cat Genie Vs. Litter-Robot; Which Is the Best Self-Cleaning Box?

Apart from the cat genie, there is a litter robot, a popular automated kitty litter box, and a cat genie competitor. You might wonder which among the two is the best.

The litter box is a self-cleaning litter box, but it’s not as advanced as the Cat Genie. It uses a rotating mechanism that separates the waste from clean litter.

The waste is then moved to the bottom of the litter box, which holds a plastic trash bag worth 13 gallons.

Once these trash bags fill, you only need to remove them and replace them with a new one. Unlike the cat genie box, this one doesn’t need to be connected to waterlines or drainage for its work. You only need to connect the litter robot to a 12V power outlet.

The entire cleaning process usually takes 7 minutes, unlike cat genies, which take 20 or more minutes.

Litter-Robot is great for cat owners who want to save themselves the hustle of connecting a litter box to a water and drainage source. The box can be placed anywhere without restrictions from places like the bathroom or the laundry room.

On the downside, the litter robot isn’t as effective as the cat genie as the waste receptacle isn’t secure. Once in a while, you have to clean the litter manually. You also have to dispose of the garbage bag filled with litter manually.

However, the cat genie is much better than the litter because of its effective disposal system. When it comes to installation, the litter box comes ahead since you only have to plug it into a power outlet to activate the functioning.

Who Should Buy Cat Genie Litter Box?

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Cat Genie Litterbox?


Most of us dream of a life full of money, power, and prestige. Yet we so rarely hear about gifts that truly can make a difference in our day-to-day quality of life.

If you want to give your loved one the gift that keeps on giving, then I’d highly recommend getting them a cat genie.

The Cat Genie is an easy-to-use, self-cleaning litterbox system that can make cleaning the litter box a breeze.

It’s affordable, it’s compact, and above all else, it can help to save you some stress down the road.

The Cat Genie is also a great option if you like keeping your home smelling fresh and clean.

I would have to vote “yes” and I highly recommend it as a cat parent.

The process of cleaning the litter every other week and having to worry about where I bury the solid waste is a big interruption in my life.

So I appreciate this product that completely replaces the need to handle any kind of cat waste.

Have you tried The Cat Genie? If so, would you recommend it to other people?

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