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By Davis Wilkins •  Updated: 05/04/22 •  9 min read
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Are you thinking about how to get rid of your cat’s litter box? Do want to choose an alternative to it? If so, you are in the right place.

I used to spend a lot of time on websites trying to find the best litter box for my cats. But it is hard when you don’t know what is out there.

There were too many choices and narrowing it down was difficult. That’s why I penned down this blog.

Now I can quickly see the best alternatives and sort through all the information available to choose the right one for me and my pets.”

Discovering the best litter box alternatives can be an overwhelming task. There are many products advertised as the best cat litter box but not all can provide a pleasant experience.

 I have been around cats for a long time and have some advice for anyone who is searching for a better litter box alternative.

The cat’s litter box is an essential component for you and the pet. 

 According to one study, a pet’s non-usage of the litter box is why pets are given up to shelters.

Consequently, it is clear that each pet has its taste and preference; this alters the selection of the type of litter box for your pet.

So, what are the best alternatives to litter boxes that you can have for your cat?

Common Uses of litter box alternatives for cats

What Can I Use If I Do Not Have a Kitty Litter Box?

When it comes to cat litter box alternatives, there are a variety of options you can choose from. Most of these litter boxes are cheap alternatives to litter boxes and are incredible if your budget is tight.

The following are some of my favorite cat box alternatives you can opt for:

1.     Storage Containers:

Storage containers serve the role of a litter box perfectly.  In case your litter box goes out of shape, this would be a great option to opt for.  This box takes only a small space in your home. Before deciding to turn one of your storage containers into a litter box, measure the container to check if it would fit the size of your cat.

Rule of thumb: This alternative litter box is to be at least 1.5 times the height and width of your cat. The bottom of this storage container should be deep enough (four to five inches), to give him enough burying room without spilling the litter outside.

It would help if you went for a litter box that resembles your old litter box. 

You can decorate your storage container by painting it your favorite color, as most of them come in either grey or white color.

2.     Carton Box:

 In case you can’t find a storage container, carton boxes are great litter tray alternatives. Kitties are great fans of boxes.

This option would certainly be excellent for stubborn kittens, especially those who fail to listen to you.

Making these boxes is undoubtedly super easy.  Just pour sand in, and there you have your litter box. It’s also suitable for potty training.

3.     Disposable Litter Box:

If scooping waste out of the cat litter box is your worst nightmare, a disposable litter box is what might solve your struggles.

It’s excellent for cat owners who want a use-and-throw-away box option for their cats.

Your cat would conduct its business there, and your work would be to throw the box away.

The boxes are made from cardboard, eco-friendly and wallet-friendly. They are great alternatives to litter boxes and come in all shapes and sizes. You can purchase them from any pet store.

4.     Old Cabinet to Litter Box Furniture:


A hidden DIY cabinet is great to keep the sight of litter boxes out of your eyes. 

To create this alternative litter box, you need an old cabinet that’s no longer in use, primers, and paints to give the box a refreshing look.

How to make an old cabinet litter box furniture:

  1. Remove the cabinet door and hardware.
  2. Use primers to refill the old holes.
  3. Wait for the primers to dry, and use a box cutter or sharp box to cut out the opening on one side of the cabinet. This would act as an entrance and exit way for your cat
  4. Paint the cabinet to your desirable color.
  5. Your cheap alternative to a litter box is ready for use.

5.     DIY Homemade Kitty Litter Box:

Would you like to know how to save some serious money on litter boxes?

If you are creative and are interested in building your own DIY litter box solution, this is definitely for you.

Here is a guide on making a cat box alternative that’s simple, cheap, and that you can make at home.

Instructions on making a homemade cat litter box:

To make a DIY kitty litter box, all you need are:


6.     Cat Litter Box Mat Pads:

Kitty litter box mat pads are 5-layer mats that are an awesome option when it comes to traveling.

They are convenient and can fit easily in your car.

The mats can eliminate foul smells and control odor as they contain a specific type of filter within all its layers.

Lastly, these litter box mat pads are easy to clean and are also disposable.

Do Cats Prefer Their own Litter Box?

Yes, cats prefer to have their own litter boxes. In fact, as a rule of thumb, it should be one box per cat plus one extra box.

Cats generally prefer natural litter as compared to human-made cat litter. This includes sand, referred to as soil, cracked corn, paper litter, and different animal feed types. 

This is mainly because this alternative type of litter creates a natural scent that relates to her primal instincts.

Where should I keep my cat’s litter box in the house?

A cat litter box should be placed in a private place where there are no regular movements. However, they should be easily accessible by both you and the cat.

When you have a cat and decide to purchase or set up a litter box for it, the box becomes part of your home.

However, it becomes hectic when you reside in a small apartment, and you want to locate where to place the litter box. 

Here are various places where you can set the litter box.

This is a good idea when you are living in a small apartment. The best place to set up a litter box will be the laundry room.  The laundry room is capable of sustaining the odor, and also the litter box won’t be sitting on the carpet like an ugly landmark.

Even though the linen closet is mainly used for linen, it can also keep the cat’s litter box.  Use the rectangular space that is designed in the closet to keep the litter box.  Note that this only works when there is no carpet on the floor.   

In most cases, this space is adequate to hold the kitty litter box in big apartments.  Remember, the door should be kept open to prevent locking your cat inside or outside the closet.

A significant number of the most splendid apartments have cabinets under the bathroom sink. This is an excellent position to place the disposable litter box since some of these cabinets are filled with items that can be disposed of since they lack essential use.

There are also cabinets in the kitchen below the sink, but it is not advisable to locate a litter box in such an environment due to health reasons.

How Often Should You Replace Your Cat’s Litter Box?

A cat litter box should be replaced immediately; changes are stated on it. These changes include a persistent odor even after cleaning, wear, and tear due to scratching. The durability of your cat’s litter box depends on the care and handling.


A cat litter box is an essential need for you as a cat owner. Not only is it a place for the cats to do their business, but it also serves as a home for our furry feline friends.

If you’re out there searching for cat litter box alternatives, I understand your pain!

 I was in the same shoes– I couldn’t care less about collecting and cleaning the litter box every day.

 And as a matter of fact, my cat, Maverick had some health problems with his kidneys and had to be cleaned with a special shampoo every time after using the litter box.


Where to start?

There are many, many things to think about when finding a litter box alternative for your cat.

These alternatives, unlike the regular litter box, can help you and your cat to enjoy a stress-free relationship, and improve the quality of your life as well as that of your cat.

Having read this interesting blog about alternatives for your cats’ litter box, which cat box alternative did you find most suitable for you?

Davis Wilkins

Davis Wilkins is a dedicated cat lover, with three cats under his care. He grew up in a cat-loving family, nurturing these feline friends. As a result, he purposed to share his cat knowledge with the universe. Wilkins has been writing professionally for over four years, specializing in feline care with a keen interest in litter box care and handling. He hopes to help other feline lovers achieve their pet care goals.

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