The litter box attractant In-depth Review: Secrets Nobody Will Tell You

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Have you ever wondered what attracts your cat to the litter box?

Cats like to go where they feel comfortable and one of their favorite places is the litter box.

They like to go there not only because they have a place to relieve themselves, but because many cats like the smell of litter boxes.

There are several reasons why a cat might decide not to use the litter box or indoor toilet system provided by the owner.

The litter attractant for cats is an essential tool for raising better cats.

It helps attract more cats to their litter box, resulting in better toilet training.

They are a highly effective way of training cats to use their litter box, instead of other areas of your home.

These cat attractants have been used by animal shelters and rescues for years on end.

They are typically used for kittens and old cats.

Litter box attractant releases a scent to your cat that entices him to use the litter box.

The most commonly used cat attractants are based on a variety of scents and ingredients.

The choice of what type to use is personal and will depend upon your particular situation and preferences.

 Knowing the different types of cat attractants available can help cat owners decide which one works best for them.  

This article looks at how to attract cats to the litter box and reviews the top 8 products based on effectiveness, safety, price, and features.

What are litter box cat attractants?

As this name suggests, it is a product that attracts a cat into using a litter box.

The power lies in the scent, which produces a positive feeling in a cat.

It creates comfort and draws a cat to an appropriate place for it to conduct its private business.

 The litter box attractants include a variety of herbs, mostly perennial herbs. These herbs produce nepetalactone, scented oil that affects the behavior of cats.

Most of these products include rosemary, timothy, alfalfa flowers that add comfortable fragrance for your cats.

 It makes your cat poop and urinates in the box, preventing litter box accidents around the home.

Your cat should continue using it until it develops a habit of using the litter box without a hustle.

What is litter attractant made of?

Litter Attractant is made up of:

The Best Cat Litter Box Attractants

1.    Fresh step cat litter box attractant powder

Fresh step litter box attractant ingredients include:

It has no perfumes deodorants or chemicals that are harmful to your cat’s health. 

Fresh step litter box attractant is easy to use since you just need to sprinkle some amount in the litter box.




2.      Dr.  Elsey’s Ultra Litter Attractant 20 Ounces

This litter box emits strong natural scents that attract cats to the litter box.

Dr. Elsey’s litter attractant has a natural fragrance like hay and lavender and smells like catnip.

Precaution: You need to wash your hands after handling his litter attractant.



3.      VETMD Litter Box Attractant Powder

This cat attractant encourages your cat to use the litter box hence, ensuring that your surrounding and the home environment remains sparkly, clean, and smelling fresh.

This pet-friendly cat attractant is made from a herbal blend making it safe for all cats.

 It’s great for training and retraining your cat especially, those who haven’t undergone proper training.

 To use it, you just need to sprinkle a generous amount of the litter in your litter box and mix it.



4.      Dr. Elsey Precious Cat Attractant Unscented Clumping Clay Cat Litter

 This bag is the ultimate solution if your cat has been having difficulties when it comes to using a litter box.

It has a natural herb attractant scent, together with the ideal texture plus particle size; thus, it combines well with the cat litter.

It solves your cats’ problems, and you quickly bid goodbye to cat litter box accidents around your home.




5.      Simple Solution Cat Litter Attractant

This is made up of a unique herbal blend, which imitates a garden smell to pique your cat’s interest.

This product has been in the market for more than 30 years and is great for pet toilet-training problems.

The product is safe for cats, and vets recommend it.

The success of it usually depends on your cat’s preferences.

How to Use It

 Step 1: Clean your litter tray and fill it with fresh litter. Tear the package and sprinkle it on top of the litter

Step2: Mix it with kitty litter and place it in a litter tray, in a quiet area where the cat will easily access it.

Step 3: Remove waste daily, and add more cat litter attractant when you add more cat litter.



6.      Better Way Cedar Formula Clumping Bentonite Cat Litter with Sanel Cat Attractant

 Apart from forming easy-to-remove clumps, and controlling odors like poop and urine, it comes with the sanel cat attractant, which helps in training kittens to use the litter box.

It’s also useful in retraining older cats that have refused to adopt using the litter box



7.    Feline Litter Magnet

 This litter magnet is an all-natural solution that encourages cats to use the litter box.

 It comes with an all-natural herbal solution, which contains an earthly fragrance that attracts your kitty to the litter box.

It comes with an educational brochure which helps in educating the pet owner on how to use it.



 9. Jorvet Litter Magnet

 Jorvet litter magnet uses an all-natural strong scent that aids in attracting your cat into the litter box.

Its earthly texture persuades cats to get back into using the litter box.

It comes in a 20-ounce bottle with a shake and pours lid. You can use it with up to 100 pounds of litter.



attracting a cat audience

Importance of a Litter Box Attractant

 It might be tough for an old cat to leave his old habit of using an old litter box.

When you change the litter box or kitty litter, your cat might fail to use the new litter box.

When you adopt a stray cat or a kitten, it can be challenging to train your stray cat.

Stray cats may find it difficult to adapt to using the litter box.

Cats learn from their parents, and if they don’t have any parents, you will have to put a lot of effort into training them.

The best cat litter attractant makes your cat engaged to the box, as the smell of the natural ingredients attracts him to the litter tray.

How to Use Cat Litter Attractant?

Fortunately, some litter attractants for cats come with the precise amount you should use; hence you don’t have to keep guessing the exact amount you will need to use.

Pay attention so that you don’ use too much of it.

To prolong its use, add it after scooping the litter box, and mix it well with the litter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cat Litter Attractant Safe for Your Cat?

Yes, cat litter attractants are safe for your cat.

These products are 100 percent safe for your cat as they are made from all-natural and non-toxic ingredients. 

Even when your cat accidentally ingests it, no harm will occur to it.

 However, don’t overuse this product as it can harm your pocket J

Is Cat Litter Attractant Necessary?

The answer is no. It’s certainly not required, and many cat owners do just fine without them.

If your cat already uses the litter box regularly without a problem, there is no reason to use an attractant.

However, if your cat has suddenly stopped using the litter box or has decided to go somewhere else in the house, then an attractant will come in handy.

Use them if your cat is struggling to get used to their litter box. It could help you avoid a lot of frustration and messes in the process.

Does Litter Attractant Work?

Yes, litter attractants for cats work.

They contain pheromones, which are chemical scents that cats naturally emit whenever they eliminate.

Your cat smells the scent from far away because of their olfactory scent; hence they feel drawn to the litter box.

What can you put in the litter box to attract cats?

You can add a few drops of catnip to the litter, to attract cats to the litter box. A pinch of catnip sprinkled on top of the litter can often attract your cat.

Will catnip attract the cat to the litter box?

Yes, catnip will attract most cats to the litter box.

Catnip acts as an attractant for cats because of the nepetalactone found in the plant’s stems, leaves, and seed pods.

This compound mimics a pheromone secreted by female cats when they’re in heat.

If your cat is not responding to catnip, don’t panic: Catnip doesn’t work on all cats.

How can I make my litter box more appealing?

Here are some tips on how to attract cats to their litter box:

  1. Invest in a scoopable litter.
  2. Keep the litter box clean.
  3. Use a fragrance-free litter
  4. Use a litter that clumps well, making it easy to scoop out urine to keep the litter fresh.
  5. Clean the litter box at least twice a day.
  6. Keep it clean by washing it once every two weeks.
  7. Put the box in a quiet, private place.


Incorporating the right cat litter box attractant into your routine to attract cats to the litter box is a crucial part of keeping a clean and hygienic litter box.

It will reduce smells, break down messes, and keep things looking nice and tidy.

Hopefully, this best litter box attractant review has been able to help you narrow down your options.

While there are certainly more options available to you as a consumer, we feel that these eight are some of the best out there (at least as of the time of this writing).

I encourage you to read over their feature lists and customer reviews at any site before making your final decision about which cat attractor is right for you and your cat.

Of course, we welcome any comments, questions, or other feedback.

 It’s all valuable. Feel free to reach out via our contact page.

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