5 Clever Ways On How To Hide The Cat Litter Box: No 5 Will Shock You!

By Davis Wilkins •  Updated: 05/07/22 •  8 min read
cabinets next to a wall containing a hidden litter box
Creative Hidden Cat Box Ideas

So, you’ve just brought home your new furry four-legged friend and now the question is where to put their litter box. You don’t want to have it out in the open or be putting up with cat urine smells day in and day out; but then again, you’re not keen on hiding it either.

Let’s say you moved into this new house, or you just are tired and want to spice things up. How accessible is the cat litter box to your cat?

 Is it tucked away in some basement, on a cold floor next to some abandoned appliance…or upstairs and your aging cat is having a hard time accessing it?

Let’s face it, where we place the litter box is as important as it comes. Your cat prefers a quiet and private environment where she can eliminate peacefully. Here, hidden cat litter box locations come in handy.

This means that you shouldn’t place the litter box in a high-traffic area such as a busy corridor. Avoid locations where your cat feels cornered and unable to flee in case of danger.

So it’s up to you as a pet owner, to make sure that your cat always has access to a clean litter box with fresh litter at all times!

We’ve put together some clever ways how you can hide your cat’s dirty little business so you never have to struggle with the unsightly look of a litter box right in the middle of your living room!

How to hide a litter box creatively

1.      Litter box under the stairs:

Having an under the stairs cat litter box is one of the best ways to utilize space in a home by safely tucking away that cat box away from traffic into a private hidden location.

To make this even more hidden and secure, cut a hole into the wall under the stairs, and place the litter box inside, under the staircase. Proceed to install a cat door for easy entry and exit for your kitty, into his cat room under the stairs.

You just transformed that space under your stairs into your cat’s private bathroom.

If you have a kitten, an older cat, or one that’s suffering from joint pains, weakness, or even arthritis, walking up and down the stairs to access the litter tray under the stairs, is a terrible idea.

Heck, that’s like tasking a hundred and fifty-year-old grandpa to climb the Himalayas!  

An under the stairs cat litter box won’t just cut it!

Don’t expect your aging cat to go up the uncarpeted steep stairs either, to get to her litter box. She probably won’t get there in time. As a result, house-soiling may become a norm, and stinky poo in the house ain’t no fun.

If she’s new to the household, she may not even remember where the litter box is tucked away!

To solve this unique problem, place extra litter boxes in several rooms, especially where your senior cat likes to spend the majority of her rest time.

Kitty tip: Remember to keep the litter box far away from her feeding and resting area because cats don’t eat or sleep where they eliminate.

A survey done on the Prevalence of Disease and Age-Related Behavioural Changes in Cats displayed an increase in house soiling as shown below.1

Image of effect of age on cats behaviour on house soiling

If your aging cat loves to spend time downstairs, then a staircase with a built-in cat toilet is ideal. Besides, it’s a huge space saver and a beauty to behold.

2.      Litter box under bathroom sink:

If you prefer hiding the litter box in the bathroom, due to space restrictions or convenience, here’s an even-sleeker unique litter box idea.

Does your bathroom have a wall-mounted sink? If yes, slide the litter box under it!

Place the litter box under the utility sink and attach a cloth on the three sides to act as “sink-curtains.” Your cat will then access the litter box from the flaps at the front. Ensure that the cloth looks well put together to avoid it becoming an eyesore.

Pro tip: Install a cat door on the bathroom door, to make sure that your cat has access to her litter box 24/7, even when the bathroom door is closed.

The cat litter box under the bathroom sink is a huge space saver and gives your cat much-needed privacy.

Don’t worry about her not finding her way through the door, to the litter box under the bathroom sink; you’ll be surprised.


“Cats are inquisitive, but hate to admit it.” – Mason Cooley

3.      Litter box under kitchen sink cabinet:

Are you super pressed for space? Having a kitchen cabinet to hide the litter box in qualifies as a creative hideaway for the litter box.

These are the steps on how to pull it off.

This cat litter cupboard is not only ideal, and space-saving but also makes for great other cat cupboard ideas that you may have.

Here’s a simple 3-minute video of a hidden cat litter box DIY guide that you can use.

4.      Litter box under the table:

Where is your litter box? That’s a specific question that a guest asked me when they visited my studio room. They couldn’t see it…they couldn’t smell it.

If you have a table in a quiet room, an end table, a console table, or a basic table with four legs, that’s a great spot to hide a modern litter box for your cat. This works if the table has an open bottom.

This can be easily transformed into a cat haven by making a few tweaks as outlined.

5.      Litter box under the bed:

I don’t why you would opt for this option since the litter box odor and waking up to litter on your floor aren’t the most pleasant of experiences. Heck, this shouldn’t even exist as an option in my books.

Placing the litter box under a bed will require you extra effort such as scooping the litter just before bedtime and limiting its use by your cat at night.

However, if you have an underutilized guest bedroom, that can be an ideal alternative for as long as you don’t have guests over.

The privacy of the room is great and just remember to create a cat door on the bedroom door to ensure that she always has access to her litter box.

I know I promised you 5 kitty litter box ideas, but since you’ve come all the way…..might as well give you a bonus idea, cause you rock!

6.      Litter box under cat tree:

This is one of the more extreme creative options that you can implement by having a cat tree with a hidden litter box.

You can even do a door hinge effect for easy access by your cat.

This can come in different designs.

“If your cat falls out of a tree, go indoors to laugh.” — Pat Hitchcock


While the options I have offered you above may not be your go-to options at first thought, they are great ways to consider especially if you are pressed for space or you are a bubbly creative who is tired of the usual options out there.

Now that you’ve walked down that creative journey with me, on cat litter box ideas, here’s what you just learned.

There are 6 creative ways how to hide a litter box that you can use:

With these unique tips, which of the 6 impressed you the most?

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