An In-depth review of the disposable litter trays

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What happens when you want to travel and carry your feline friend with you?

You are in the process of moving into a new house or you are in-between places.  How will your cat handle her elimination business during this transition period?

Or even worse, your cat is sick and you don’t want any infection to spread to the other pets? What do you do?

Ordinary litter boxes that your cats use on a day to day situation are definitely not the best solution.

They can spread infection to the other pets, they are bulky to transport and are not a good fit for air travel.

This is where a disposable litter box comes in handy. A good portion of them are crap and the possibility of buying a piece of junk is high.

For this reason, you definitely need to learn which the legitimate brands are. Brands that won’t break your bank, while offering you superb service.

More on this later…

Meanwhile, let’s dig deeper.

What is a disposable cat litter box for travel and why do you need one?

This is a collapsing litter-box, usually made of waxed or crimped cardboard, which is recyclable.

They are especially useful at feline shows, for travelling and for cats who are sick for a brief span.

Cat owners use them in a multiple-cat household, where you don’t want to risk spreading any sickness.

After the journey, or when the cat’s wellbeing has improved, you simply discard the cat box litter.

 Features of a disposable kitty litter box 

These are a set of features you should consider before getting the best disposable cat litter box:

· Compact, collapsible and packable so as to fit in your car.

· The disposable litter boxes should be acceptable to your cat.

· The disposable cat litter boxes are usually smaller than the standard cat litter box and come in multiple sizes, shapes, and designs.

· Made of biodegradable and recyclable materials

· The best disposable litter boxes are self-contained, compact and can be repacked.

· Usually, they have a short lifespan due to the assembling and reassembling.

· The disposable cat litter boxes need little care and are simply acquired for use in a journey or short travel span.

· They are necessary for making the journey cozier for you and your cat. Some come with a zipper cover which ensures you store the cat litter while on the road.

Benefits of Disposable litter boxes for traveling


1. They are cheap

2. Great odor control

3. Convenient for travelling

4. Saves time by not cleaning the cat litter box

5. Highly convenient and portable

Disadvantages of Disposable Litter Boxes:

1. Usually smaller in size

2. Most are made of cardboard and may leak after several visits by your cat or multiple cats.

3. Some may be for a single time use

How to pick the best disposable litter box

To get the best disposable cat box, here are some considerations:

1. Size and portability of the cat litter box:

You want one that’s easily portable and fits in your car.

The general rule of a litter box size is that it should be about 1.5 to twice the size of your cat. Portable litter boxes are usually smaller than the standard litter box. Go for a foldable one that is most suitable for your cat.

2. Purpose and type of the kitty box:

Why do you want a disposable kitty box? The answer to this question will help you to narrow down on exactly what is the best pick.

Disposable litter boxes are great if you are making a one time travel. After which, you dispose it or use it for emergencies and house training a new cat.

A closed or open one depends on your preference and its acceptability by your cat.

A multi-use fabric portable cat litter box is ideal for frequent travelers. You can clean it and use it many times.

They also work well as temporary cat beds.

Also, they make an excellent choice for your cat carrier during air travels.

3. The construction materials of the litter box

The quality of material making the litter box is central in determining what to pick. The lighter the material, the less durable the litter box will be.

The cat litter liners should be waterproof and scratch proof. They should withstand clawing by the cats.

The litter boxes are usually made from recycled cardboard, that’s fully biodegradable and eco-friendly.

The Best Disposable Cat Boxes

1. Nature’s Miracle Jumbo Disposable Cat Litter Box 2 Pack


This package comes with two large Nature’s Miracle Disposable Litter Boxes.

They are perfect fit for a multi-cat household and your fat cat.

These litter boxes come with baking soda to neutralize the smelly odors while you travel.

Key Benefits of Nature s miracle Disposable Cat Litter Boxes:

· The jumbo size of the litter box is incredible for accommodating your large cats. Great for a multi-cat household as well.

o Litter Box dimensions: 21 x 15.25 x 7.75 inch litter pan

o This disposable cat litter box weighs 2.75 pounds

· The baking soda provides extra protection against smelly odors and urine ammonia. The baking soda ensures that your kitty doesn’t suffer and your nostrils are spared too while you are on the road.

· The disposable litter boxes give you an easy and stress-free way to travel with your cats.

· Made from biodegradable eco-friendly recycled paper material. This allows you to conveniently dispose of it off while taking care of the environment.

· Comes with two disposable litter boxes that are adequate for you. They are useful in case you are making a long trip or spending extra days in your travel plans.

· The Miracle disposable litter box doesn’t shred nor leak, so it is messy free.

· It is suitable for use with any type of litter that your kitty is used to.

Directions for use:

· Simply fill the litter box with 2-3 inches of your cat’s favorite litter.

· Remember to scoop the disposable litter box every single day and replace the litter to the original litter depth. This will keep the freshness and keep odors at bay.

· You can use the cat litter boxes up to 4 weeks after which you should dispose them.

· You don’t need to clean and scrub this litter box.

· Clean your hands every time you handle the litter box.

Cons of the Nature’s Miracle Jumbo Disposable Cat Litter Box 2 Pack

· If you have cats that urinate frequently and heavily, it may not last until four weeks are over. This is because leaks may begin to appear.

· Compared to your regular litter pan, they are more difficult to scoop. It’s common especially after the coating has worn off.

· The sides of the disposable cat litter boxes are not smooth and can be irritating when trying to scrape clumps away from the sides. This is especially if your kitty chooses to aim right at the side.


96% of the cat owners who’ve bought this litter box areimpressed and give it a 5-star rating!

2. Cat’s Pride Kat Kit Litter Trays, Case of 5


These disposable touch-free plastic litter trays are made from 100% recycled plastic soda bottles. They come in a case of 5.

Dispose of one litter tray after 7-10 of use by one kitty, and after 5 days of use by two cats.

Each portable tray is pre-filled with 3 pounds of Cat’s Pride Fresh & Clean litter. This is a fresh-scented clay litter with natural sponge-like minerals. It’s excellent for trapping odors.

This litter doesn’t track and is low in dust.

Key Benefits:

· The Cat’s Pride Fresh & Clean litter doesn’t track, is low in dust and excellent in trapping odors.

· These disposable litter boxes are easy to use, convenient and environmentally friendly when disposed.

o Product dimensions: 12.8 x 9 x 19.8 inches

o Package weight of the disposable litter trays: 6 pounds

· Comes equipped with free clumping cat litter that saves you the extra cost to buy litter.

Cons of Cat’s Pride Kat Kit Litter Trays, Case of 5

· The trays are fragile and can get damaged during transportation.

· They are a bit pricey

· The sides need to be higher especially for cats that are aggressive diggers.


84% of the pet owners who bought these disposable trays loved and recommended them.

3. Kitty’s WonderBox Disposable Litter Box


This Kitty’s WonderBox is super durable and 100% leak proof for up to one month of use.

It’s made of dense recycled paper fibers that help to keep litter dry and odor-free.

It can be used with your favorite brand of cat litter.

Daily scooping of the disposable litter box is important to ensure that the box remains odor-free. Replenish with fresh litter and allow your kitty to continue using the litter box until it is time to dispose it.

Key Benefits:

· The WonderBox is durable and 100% leak-proof for use up to one month.

· It is disposable since it’s made of recycled paper fibers.

It’s non-toxic and environmental friendly.

· Has great odor control since the air filtration system controls litter box odors. The paper’s pH helps neutralize the ammonia odor and keep the air fresh.

· It is specially designed to be claw proof so that it doesn’t tear the disposable litter box. This avoids the accumulation of urine that can cause smelly odors.

· It works well with any type of cat litter, hence hassle free.

o Product Dimensions: 13.5 x 17 x 3.5 inches

o It weighs 2.65 pounds

Cons of Kitty’s WonderBox Disposable Litter Box

· Clay cat litter tends to stick to the paper at the bottom especially if your cat urinates a lot. This will cause a bad odor.

· If your cat is a vigorous scratcher, you will find pieces of paper all over your litter which can be annoying.

· Can be shallow for some large cats and they end up peeing outside the litter box.


96% of the cat owners who bought this disposable litter box were impressed by it and recommended it.

4. LitterMaid Disposable Cat Litter Box, 3 Count


The LitterMaid disposable box is crafted from recycled paper.

After two weeks or as needed, replace with a new Littermaid Disposable Litter Box. This gives you maximum odor control.

This ensures that your cat has a fresh litter box every single time.

It doubles as a litter box and a litter box liner.

Key Benefits:

· It is a disposable litter box and replaced as soon as it is necessary. This one-step clean process keep the air and litter fresh all-day long.

· It offers a 2 in 1 solution, whereby you use the litter box as a standalone box or as a litter pan liner for your current cat litter box.

o Product Dimensions: 17 x 12.6 x 7 inches

o Shipping Weight of the disposable litter boxes: 2.8 pounds

· The box is made of recycled paper, and it is leak-proof and tear-proof. This ensures no mess and leaks occur.

· It can be used conveniently with your preferred cat litter.


· They may be a small fitting for your large sized cats.

· The walls are shallow. If your cat aims high when urinating, it will end up spilling urine on the outside of the litter box.


90% of the cat lovers who’ve purchased this disposable box love it, and recommend it to you.


The best disposable litter box for travel is dictated by the factors outlined above and your cat.

Ensure you get the most ideal one for your cat and the traveling will be enjoyable both for you and your cat.

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