Effects Of Eating Cat Poop And How Do You Solve This


Have you ever wondered why your dog raids the litterbox just to have a few bites of the ‘treat’ out of it? Well, I know that this may sound disgusting. But there is a clear scientific explanation on why your doggo will adopt this develop this awful behavior.

Science has it that your dog eats cat poop because it is attracted by the protein content in the waste. The irksome behavior may also act as a clear indicator that your dog could be suffering from vitamin deficiency and may be in need of additional vitamin B. worse still, your dog could be visiting the litterbox just because it is bored. The doggy adds a little sense of excitement to their day just by visiting the litterbox.

Whatever the reason is, you must put a stop to this awful behavior. This will ensure that your dog lives healthy and the tabby fellas enjoy some sense of privacy.

What are the side effects of a dog eating cat poop?

Your doggy could get much more than the kitty’s nuggets when it goes treasure hunting. A part from the tasty treat, your dog could get infested with dangerous parasites just waiting for the best host to continue their lifecycles. In adequate circumstances, your cat’s droppings could create a favorable waiting point for infectious eggs laid by roundworms whipworms, and hookworms. Research also reveals that protozoans like giardia consider the cat’s poop as a great place to wait for hosts.

Will eating cat poop hurt my dog?

Eating cat poop will hurt your dog a great deal particularly if the poop carries some kind of harmful bacteria and parasites. Your dog could experience toxoplasmosis if it eats cat poop infested with the protozoal parasite known as T. gondii. a dog eating cat litter could experience symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, fever, jaundice and abdominal pains.

Eating cat’s poop could make your puppy to experience digestive tract blockages and clumping.  Your dog is most likely to ingest cat litter while eating cat poop. While this could be a rare event, the doggy could experience blockage by ingesting a seven-course poop and litter meal. There are chances that doggy’s intestines could shut down just by eating a few gulps of cat’s poop.

Why is my cat taking her poop out of the litterbox?

Your cat could be taking her poop out of the litterbox to express her disappointments and/or the medical challenges she’s facing. These are the reasons why your cat is taking her poop out of the litterbox:

1.      Medical challenges

Your cat could accidentally take her poop out of the litterbox if she is experiencing pain. Surgical procedures like declawing may make the kitten a bit uncomfortable as it may cause acute limb pains on the fella. This may cause her develop reluctance when covering its poop with claws or paws.

Medical conditions like hip dysplasia and arthritis could make your cat uncomfortable when jumping in and out of the litterbox. The girl could also get reluctant to self-groom and cover her poop after the elimination exercise.

2.      Litterbox challenges

The litterbox could be the reason your cat is scattering her poop all over. In the normal sense, your cat will grow extremely fastidious if the litterbox is less than pristine. You need to start thinking about spending some coins for a larger litterbox if you realize that your cat has grown bigger than the initial one.

Why does my dog eat kitty litter?

Your dog could be eating kitty litter because it enjoys the entire process, much to your disgust. Dogs are scavengers by creation. That said, cat’s poop is just one of the things your dog may scavenge and make a feast.

Your dog could be eating cat’s poop because it’s protein-rich and has a mouth-watering taste.  Cat’s poop has some nutritional value since your kitties don’t completely digest their food. However, your dog could ingest parasites when eating cat’s poop. This reveals why it’s a good idea to make sure that it stops before it’s late.

Doggy eating cat’s poop could be a behavior it borrowed from its mother as a puppy. Mama dogs tending to their young ones consider collecting wastes in their environs as a crucial housekeeping chore. Puppies copy this trait from their momma. While some dogs outgrow this poor behavior, others chose to die hard with it.   

You may probably think that your cat’s poop has a gross smell. Well, you are mistaken. It might be smelling like doggy’s food. Your dog draws a sense of appeal from kitty’s food and will just feel comfortable when eating it. This explains why doggy is always willing to embrace a bite out of the litterbox.

How to Stop Dog Eating Cat Poop in the Garden

You ultimately don’t want to be intermittently grossed out with the brainwave of the contents in your doggy’s mouth and teeth that smell like you don’t know what whenever your best friend approaches you for that evening snuggle. Adopting one or more of these tips could come in handy in ensuring that your dog puts a halt to that filthy trait.  

cat poop taste deterrent

1. Use a dog proof litter box

A dog-proof litterbox could come in handy when you want to prevent your pup from reaching cat’s poop. Most specifically, an enclosed litterbox could work miracles in this endeavor. You could make the decision of ensuring that your litterbox is placed on a non-slip mat and putting it in a strategic location such that the opening faces a corner to assist in deterring your dog. However, you must ensure that the space left is just enough to allow your kitty to move in and out of the litterbox at will.  

2. Use a stool deterrent for cats

Stool deterrent for cats is the best option for you if your dog won’t just keep its mouth away from kitty’s litterbox. You only need to sprinkle the cat poop taste deterrent on kitty’s food to make his feces less appealing to doggy. I would recommend that you adopt For-Bid Coprophagia Deterrent as it is created to alter stool taste and smell without altering the flavor of your cat’s food. Most of the food deterrents will not affect kitty’s digestive process at all.

3. Get dog proof litterbox furniture

Dog proof litterbox furniture that are covered, hooded or enclosed could be very effective in preventing your feline from invading kitty’s privacy.  By design, the dog proof litterbox furniture will avail your cat with an enclosed toilet and a better odor control.

4. Train

Even though this will require dedication, you must take a small portion of your time to train your dog to steer clear of kitty’s poop. However, be sure to adopt consistency and patience as you initiate the training until you get the desired results. Firmly discourage your dog from approaching the litterbox or digging any hidden treasure outside.  This will make your dog turn away from the litterbox and towards you. Be kind to praise him and grant a great treat.  He’ll just get the idea over time.

Dog ate cat poop how to clean his mouth

I know how disgusting you feel each time your feline comes close for a hug with a poop smelling mouth. These three methods may come in handy in case you want to clean doggy’s mouth after it’s n eaten cat’s poop.


Dog mouthwash could be what you need if your dog has passed its mouth through kitty’s shit. You only need to apply some of the mouthwash on a clean cloth, hold doggy, and pass it through the mouth sides. You must be sure to ensure that the roof of the mouth, gums and tongue are wiped in a thorough manner.

Dog toothpaste

You may also adopt dog toothpaste to clean the mess. You only need to get a dog’s toothbrush and pass it across doggy’s teeth. A distractive treat may come in handy as it will ensure that the feline stays still in the cleaning process.


It’s disgusting when your dog eats cat’s poop. However, this behavior doesn’t mean that your dog has a problem. It’s a natural behavior with diverse risks. You only need to do your best to prevent the behavior from recurring by applying these tips.

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