The Best Dog Proof Litter Boxes: How To Keep Your Dog Out Of The Litter Box

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The Best Dog-Proof Litter Box is the Iris Top Entry Cat litter Box.

When we first got our dog, I made the rookie mistake of letting her out the door. Within seconds she found the cat litter box and snuck in for a poop treat. Gross! I know.

I had no idea how to keep her away from it, and it was a big enough litter box that she could even get inside.

I was desperate to keep my dog out of the cat box.

In our household, this meant that we had to be creative when it came to the cat litter boxes. By using a combination of high walls, adding latches and keepers, we were able to make them more dogproof.

This went on for a while until I discovered the dog-proof cat litter box.

Dog-proof cat litter boxes are the best invention for pet owners who want to keep their dogs away from the cat’s bathroom.

The best dog-proof litter boxes can be a hassle to find, but they’re a necessity if you want your dog to stop snacking where it shouldn’t.

I have carefully and consciously reviewed the top 5 best dog-proof litter boxes. These dog-proof litter boxes are robust and designed as an anti-dog litter box.

If you have dogs and cats, then you know that it’s not always possible to keep the dog out of the cat’s litter box—especially if you have a multi-pet family.

Dogs just love to dig in and scatter litter everywhere.

The risk of infection from eating cat’s waste is ever-present.

If you don’t address it, you’ll accumulate bills at the veterinarian and even risk losing your dog.

All manner of gastrointestinal tract issues in your lovely dog can crop up quickly. Helminths such as tapeworms, viruses, and bacteria are a potential threat.

Don’t beat yourself up, you’re not the only one who’s ever made this mistake!

Here you will find out how to choose the best dog-proof litter box for your pet, and what litter box features you should look for.

There are fakes out here that will leave you a few dollars less and frustrated.

I have gone the extra mile to eliminate the fakes and highlight the original brands from the most verified and authentic outlets.

After you have read through this review, you will be able to settle on your preferred option for your home.

“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”

Orhan Pamuk

Dog Proof Litter Boxes Top Picks

If you are pressed for time, here are the top 5 picks of dog proof cat litter boxes that I recommend for your home:

  1. Iris Top Entry Cat litter Box
  2. Petmate Top Entry Litter Box
  3. Petmate Booda Dome Clean Step Cat Litter Box
  4. Merry Products Cat Washroom Bench Decorative Litter Box Cover and Storage
  5. Catit Jumbo hooded cat litter pan

Factors to Consider Before Buying A Dog Proof Litter Box

1.     Size of the dog:

A litter box that can’t accommodate your dog is better than one where your dog can hop in and have a feast meal.

It is important to keep this in mind before purchasing because it can make a big difference.

2.     Litter Box Type:

Dog-proof litter boxes range from top entry to front entry litter boxes and vary in size.

This means that you can choose one to suit your needs depending on what type of space you have indoors or outdoors.

3.     Ease of Cleaning:

If it becomes hard for you to clean the dog-proof litter box, it will become smelly over time and turn your house into a foul-smelling habitation. Get one that’s easy to access inside.

4.     Cost of the Dog Proof Litter Box:

It is important to think about cost when looking at dog-proof litter boxes because they can vary in prices from premium boxes to budget boxes to low-budget cat litter boxes.

5.     Hidden Litter Boxes:

If possible, try to get a hidden litter box because this way they can’t easily access it

I wish I could write as mysterious as a cat.”

Edgar Allen Poe

The Best Dog Proof Litter Boxes Buying Guide

1.     Iris Top Entry Cat litter Box


Spacious: This innovatively designed dog-proof litter box provides your cat with ample space to handle her business.

Privacy: Your cat gets to enjoy privacy and freedom while eliminating.

Anti-Skid: The dog-proof litter box comes with durable rubber feet to hold it firmly in place on any type of surface. This avoids skidding.




Is the top lid removable?

Yes, the top lid is removable for easy scooping and cleaning. Push the two big buttons on either side of the box to lift the lid off.

Dog looking through fence

2.     Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan


Spacious: There is adequate space inside the box for your cat to turn around and dig as she wishes.

Built-in-hook: Also, it comes with an in-built hook for hanging a litter scoop.

Eco-friendly: Made from 95% pre-consumer recyclable materials. It is an eco-friendly option when settling for a dog-proof cat litter box.

Key Benefits:

Cons of Petmate Top Entry Litter Box:

3.     Petmate Clean Step Litter Dome


The Petmate Booda Dome Clean Step Litter dome is a beauty to behold, with a sleek step design.

Privacy: The hooded top provides excellent privacy for your cat as she relieves herself.

Key Benefits:


4.     Merry Products Cat Washroom Bench Decorative Litter Box Cover and Storage


The Merry Products Cat Washroom Bench Decorative Litter Box Cover and Storage is multifunctional. It’s used as a litter box cover, accent table, and roomy storage unit.

Easy Access: It comes with magnetized doors that open wide for easy access.

Key Benefits:


5.     Catit Jumbo hooded cat litter pan


The Catit Jumbo hooded cat pan is an excellent choice for both you the pet lover, and your lovely cat.

Odor control: You deserve an odor-free house. The Catit Jumbo Hooded cat litter box delivers both of these, seamlessly and effortlessly due to the carbon filter present.

Key Benefits:

Cons of the Catit Covered Litter Box:

dog looking across fence

Buying Guide for a dog resistant cat litter box

Before clicking on the buy button, you need to factor in some considerations:

1. Which litter box design is your cat accustomed to? Top entry litter box, hooded cat litter box, self-cleaning litter boxes, or open pan litter box?

2. Determine the size of the litter box that can accommodate your cat comfortably. Don’t forget to check the entrance door to the litter box too.

3. Consider how large the room where you will house the litter pan is and its general aesthetics.

Strategies for Keeping Your Dog Away From Cat Poop

How do you stop a dog from eating cat poop? It can be difficult to keep your dog away from the litter box, but there are a few strategies that work.

1.     Dog Training and Set boundaries:

This is done by teaching the dog that they can’t go beyond a certain area, and if they do then something unpleasant will happen (e.g., loud noise).

2.     Fence it out:

Provide a fence around the litter boxes or other cat areas where poop might be left behind as a deterrent. Create a cat door that allows only the cat to access the fenced zone.

This cat door is designed in a manner that allows only the cat to slide in while keeping the dogs out.

3.     Use an automatic self-cleaning litter box:

The self-cleaning litter box automatically removes the cat waste a few seconds after it detects that your cat has stepped out of the litter box.

This ensures that your dog won’t find anything to snack on.

4.     Use a deterrent spray:

Applying a deterrent spray on the cat litter will keep the dog away from the litter box.

5.     Clean up ASAP:

As soon as your cat poops, scoop out the litter box. This will ensure no idle poop is left lying around for your dog to find.

This method only works if you are around the house 24/7.

6. Use a dog proof litter box:

Need I say more?

It’s worth noting that different dogs have their preferences and finding out which one works best on how to stop your dog from eating cat’s waste is often a trial-and-error.

If you are a DIY enthusiast and would like to know how to make a dog proof litter box, here’s how:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Do Dogs Eat Cat Litter and Cat Poop?

This is a question that many dog owners ask themselves and the answer could just be as simple as a curiosity.

There are several reasons why dogs eat cat litter and a cat’s waste, both of which could be health issues. When a dog eats litter or cat feces, it’s known as coprophagia.

“The two most common reasons for coprophagia are a dietary deficiency and behavioral issues,” says Dr. Jules Benson, Chief Veterinary Officer at Petplan Pet Insurance.

The first is simple: dogs tend to eat almost anything they find, and cat poo can look like a tasty snack.

Ensure that your curious dogs don’t have any nutritional deficiencies that may push them to feed on the cat’s poop in search of nutrients.

Is cat litter toxic to dogs?

Traditional cat litters containing silica are toxic to dogs.

Couple that with the fact that cat urine is composed of ammonia, which is a toxic chemical.

This means that it can irritate the eyes and mucous membranes in dogs as well as give them red, watery eyes.

Always ensure that you scoop the waste as soon as possible to avoid bacteria build-up that could lead to urinary tract infections in your dogs.

Go for cat litter that is made from natural ingredients that often contain organic materials such as clay, corn cobs, and wheat bran flakes.

These are a much better choice than traditional cat litter because it’s safer for both animals to use.

This type of litter will help you avoid many of the problems that come with traditional litter.

Can a dog get sick from eating cat poop?

Yes, your dog can get sick from eating cat poop.

Let’s start by defining what can happen when a dog eats a cat’s poop: Intestinal parasites, hookworms, and all manner of pathogens.

These are just some of the potential health risks that could befall your dog if they eat the kitty’s droppings.

What Happens When a Dog Eats Cat Litter?

Commercial cat litter is toxic for dogs, mostly because of the clay component.

The biggest risk when a dog eats cat litter is an intestinal blockage.

Clay-based commercial litters contain non-digestible particles that may cause an obstruction in the intestines if they’re ingested by your dog.

This can lead to constipation or blockages, especially for small dogs who might eat a lot of litter at once.

Dog eating cat poop symptoms

There are a few symptoms of dogs eating cat poop.

The most common one is diarrhea, which has an obvious cause; the dog ate something that disagreed with it.

More serious cases include:

• Diarrhea.

• Pain in the abdomen.

• Vomiting.

• Dehydration from diarrhea and/or vomiting

• Lethargy

• Fever.

If you suspect your dog may have eaten some feces from a cat whether by accident or on purpose, we advise that you consult a veterinarian for an examination.


Dog-proof litter boxes are here to stay.

After reading through our buying guide, we hope that you are now better equipped to make an informed decision about the best litter box that is right for your situation and budget.

We recommend the Iris Top Entry Cat litter Box as it tops the list as the best dog-proof litter box.

90% of the feline owners who’ve bought this litter box are satisfied and highly recommend it.

Finally, remember not all dogs behave alike and some may pose greater risks than others.

We will keep adding to our list of dog-proof cat litter boxes as we test more, and inform you of any new additions.

In the meantime, this is a great starter list of premium dog-proof cat litter trays that are sure to please both you and your pets!

Our recommendations for the best dog-proof litter boxes will help you choose the right one for your needs.

We hope our guide has helped you find what you’re looking for to keep both pets happy and healthy while living together peacefully.