The 5 Best Non Tracking Cat Litter | Reviews and 2022 Top Picks

By Davis Wilkins •  Updated: 05/07/22 •  12 min read
Cat in litter box

Do you own an indoor cat? …but hate all the tracking of litter that inevitably happens around your home?

Do your cats have an annoying habit of getting litter everywhere?

We all love our furry feline friends. Their cute meows, their soft fur, and cuddles.

I would not be able to live without my beloved cats, Rufus and Desmond. They are a part of my family and we couldn’t imagine a life without them.

But they are also responsible for some pretty bad habits like tracking cat litter around the house.

That is why choosing the right cat litter is highly important. It is a decision that must be made with a lot of thought and research.

When you’re choosing the right cat litter for your home, there are several factors that you should consider carefully.

The most important may well be your budget closely followed by whether the litter tracks or not.

No tracking cat litter is a great way to help keep your house clean.

This is especially true if you have a multiple-story house and have a lot of people coming in and out. It can be difficult to keep up with all the little paw prints.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a solid review of non-tracking cat litter, with some of them even making unfounded claims about their non-tracking ability.

With reviews like that, how would you ever decide what to use?

I’m going to share with you the top 5 non-tracking cat litters on the market. I will also provide you with some benefits and downsides of each product that I’ve researched.

We’re here to tell you about a cat litter that doesn’t track around your home.

The Best Non-tracking Litter Top Picks:

If you are pressed for time, here are the top 5 picks for the best cat litter that doesn’t stick to paws that I recommend for your feline friends:

  1. Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra-Premium Litter
  2. Fresh Step Clean Paws Multi-Cat Litter:
  3. sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat Unscented Clumping Wheat Cat Litter
  4. Simply Pine Pellet Cat Litter
  5. Dr. Elsey’s Kitten Attract Clumping Clay Cat Litter

What is non-tracking litter?

Non-tracking cat litter can be defined as specially formulated litters, designed to minimize the dispersion of cat litter.

They can be made from different substances such as clay, crystals, and natural materials like wood.

 They are a big hit because the cats get to leave no trail of litter around the house after they exit their boxes.

Dust is also a big problem with clumping litters because their granules are so fine and so it’s easy for the cat to track that dust down the hallway.

Cats can cause a huge mess, especially around the litter box by tracking the litter. This gets worse if you have multiple cats with you.

Most cat owners buy any type of litter without any knowledge about the different types of litter and the advantages that each carries.

They end up with litter that’s tracked everywhere and this quickly becomes a problem that they need handling.

The solution is trackless cat litter. This means that the cat litter doesn’t stick to fur or paws once the cat leaves the litter box.

No tracking cat litter ensures that the house and the area surrounding the litter box remain clean and litter-free.

The Best Non-tracking Cat Litter

1.        Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Clumping Cat Litter


This is one of the best low-tracking cat litter available in the market.

Great for a multi-cat household.

This is a dust-free non tracking cat litter.

This non-tracking clumping cat litter has good odor control, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean.

Key Benefits:


2.        Fresh Step Clean Paws Multi-Cat Litter:


It’s designed for a multi-cat household

Comes with activated charcoal to prevent smelly odors for up to 10 days.

Key Benefits


3.        sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat Unscented Clumping Wheat Cat Litter


This clumping litter is good for a multi-cat household since the litter box frequency is high.

This unscented low tracking cat litter is free from added perfumes, dust, or dyes.

Key Benefits


4.        Simply Pine Pellet Cat Litter

This is a dust-free non tracking cat litter.

Key Benefits:


5.        Dr. Elsey’s Kitten Attract Clumping Clay Cat Litter

Key Benefits


Cat looking out a top entry litter box

How do I stop my cat from tracking litter everywhere?

1.        Invest in a high sided litter box:

This is especially true in the case where your cat digs vigorously. To prevent messing around with the litter box, a pan with high sides will minimize this. This works as a non-tracking cat litter box.

2.        Use a cat litter tracking mat:

This traps the litter that sticks between a cat’s paws into a grid-like mat that your cat gets to walk across, as soon as he exits the litter box.

The best cat litter mats are designed to fit close against a litter tray.

As soon as the cat leaves the litter pan onto the mat, the texture of the cat litter mat forces the paws to open and any excess litter falls through the grids.

Here, the captured litter is then emptied back into the cat’s litter box for recycling.

3.        Get a high-quality non-tracking litter:

Non-tracking litter is a type of cat litter that does not stick to your cat’s paws and therefore does not track or disperse all over the house.

Factors to consider before choosing the best non-tracking cat litter

1.        Should have good odor control:

This is crucial in ensuring it masks or eliminates the cat smells from your home. This ensures your home has a fresh scent.

2.        Clumping or non-clumping cat litter:

Clumping litter has numerous advantages such as odor control and ease of cleaning, but most of these are susceptible to tracking.

3.        Your cat’s taste and preference:

As a rule of thumb, you can never force a cat to like a particular type of product. If they reject it, you have no option but to provide a suitable acceptable alternative.                

Types of cat litter that doesn’t stick to paws

Natural and alternative litters fall easily into this category of non-tracking kitty litter. They are pricier than the average clumping and non-clumping clays.

Usually, they come in form of pellets, granules, and flakes, made from a range of substances. Most can be flushed, but you need to check with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Alternative cat litters are not a one-click fix to track. Those that have been ground into flakes and the granules are soft and light in texture, tend to cause tracking.

These are lighter in weight than the traditional clay litter.

Others are made from material that’s pressed into large pellets. These do not feel natural to the paws of your cat, unlike sand or earth, causing some cats to reject them.

Which cat litter has the least tracking?

1.       Paper Litter:

This is made from recycled paper such as newspaper and it comes in form of pellets or small pieces.

These are light in weight and can be flushed down the toilet in small amounts.

They are highly absorbent, up to 300 % more than some clay litters. They swell up as the pellets absorb urine, and contain the moisture and odor, forming easily removable clumps.

These are non-toxic and treated to ensure that your cat’s feet aren’t smudged with ink.

Pro tip: They are the best low-tracking cat litter option for your recently declawed or post-surgical cats. This is because of their soft texture that’s kind to tender kitty's paws. They are a good option for geriatric cats or those that suffer from allergies.

2.       Plant Products:

These are made of a wide range of substances such as wheat, grass, grain, corncobs, alfalfa, citrus peels, and peanut hulls.

They are molded into pellets or cereal-like granules and can be formulated in both clumping and non-clumping forms.

They tend to have a natural fresh smell that aids in odor control and is harmless if ingested since they are chemical-free.

Most of them are air-cleaned before they are packaged to ensure they are dust-free.

 These non-tracking litters are highly absorbent and soak up the urine quickly.

 Most of them can be flushed down the toilet in small amounts.

3.       Silica or Crystal Pellets:

These are made of biodegradable silica gel, are lightweight, small, and in round beads. Each bead is laden with micropores that capture and absorbs moisture thus trapping odor.

The odor is instantly locked inside the beads and all the fluid is taken up, leaving the outer layer of the pearls dry to the paw’s touch.

When your cat urinates, you can hear the crackling sound as the pearls absorb the urine.

Silica pearls are great at absorbing urine but you still need to clean out the litter box every day.

After a month, or when the pearls turn yellow, you should then discard them, and have the litter boxes scrubbed thoroughly and refilled.

When kicked out of the box, the crystal cat litter tends to roll around the room like balls, but they track less compared to other types.

Characteristics of the best types of trackless cat litter:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why does my cat scatter litter everywhere?

The main reason why cat scatters litter everywhere is that they have sharp claws that help them to get a better grip on the floor.

Scattering litter everywhere is a common behavior in cats, but it can pose a problem for cleanliness, health, and safety.

Your cat is a feline, not a human, so it’s normal for it to scatter litter everywhere. But you don’t have to let your cat’s litter patterns ruin your house.

The best non-tracking litter for litter robot

The best cat litter for tracking for this machine is Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra-Premium Clumping Cat Litter.

The clay litter has little tracking, it is lightweight and clumps well.

Some cat owners however have complained about its smell and it’s also more expensive than traditional clay litter.


The internet can be a scary place with loads of misinformation out there, but we aim to shine a light on the truth with this guide.

In the end, it’s hard to make a “best cat litter for odor and tracking” call.

If we had to choose one right now, though, it would be Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra-Premium Litter.

Not only did it perform well in every category, but it also comes at a decent price per pound (at least compared to other non-tracking litters).

 It’s worth trying if your cat tracks litter all over your house.

Also, keep in mind that price isn’t necessarily an indicator of quality, as these products can range greatly in price.

The requirements for any litter you go for should be the same. The best non-tracking litter should:

The one you choose should fit your feline’s individual needs.

You must find the right formula for them, stick with it and get on with your lives.

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