Why The Igloo Litter Box Shouldn’t Be Ignored: A 2022 Review

By Davis Wilkins •  Updated: 05/04/22 •  7 min read
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Have you ever looked for a cat litter box on Google before? You know, to find out if there are any good ones you could buy.

 I bet you were overwhelmed by all of the different results. It is hard to know which one to trust.

The igloo cat’s litter box has received so much attention lately and I decided it was time to put pen to paper and review this nicely designed igloo cat box.

The cat igloo litter box has grown so much, that pet owners are enquiring about this litter box.

When you care for a cat, you want to give him the best. Cats deserve the best — and we, as pet lovers would like nothing less than perfection in our pets’ environment.

I’ve finally completed the pidan litter box review and am glad to offer valuable insights to cat owners looking for the best and most efficient litter box for their cats.

And purchasing one does not only determine how convenient and easy the whole process of cat housekeeping will be; it also has a very important impact on your cat’s health. So, let’s get started!

If you are already using this litter box every day, you probably know little about its main features and how it can affect your cat’s welfare.

This pidan igloo review may be a little lengthy, but it covers everything this igloo cat box has to offer.

The Pidan Igloo Cat Litter Box Review

The cat igloo litter box is designed by Pidan Studio and hence commonly referred to as the pidan igloo litter box or even the pidan igloo cat litter box.

It is a new and improved cat litter box that makes scooping your cat’s litter more efficient and easy.

It has a unique modern design of a lovely curved dome shape with no sharp edges.

This hooded box comes with one uniform color and blends well in your house since it doesn’t scream “litter box” and you can hide it in plain sight.

Your guests might not even spot it!

The Igloo cat litter box weighs about 8.1 pounds.

Box dimensions are (LxWxH) 20.47 x 20.47 x 18.9 inches

The doorway entrance is slightly elevated to give your cats and kittens a stress-free entry.

This pidan cat litter box stands out from its competitors and has amazing litter tracking prevention features.

Cats love it! Your feline friend sure does love some privacy, and the pidan cat igloo box for cats, offers more to all cat lovers, even with its minimalist design.

How Does the Igloo Cat Litter Box Function?

Here’s a 1-minute video that shows you a step-by-step process of how the pidan cat igloo box functions:

How Do I Clean The Pidan Igloo Litter Box For Cats?

Cleaning a pidan igloo litter box is easy.

What Are the Key Litter Box Features and Benefits of the Igloo Litter Box for Cats?

1.       The pidan cat litter box is dog-proof:

If you have a multi-pet home with both cats and dogs, you no longer have to worry about your dogs sneaking into the kitty litter box for a poop snack.

2.       Prevents litter tracking:

It has a grated doorway large enough to trap litter but small enough not to trap your kitten’s paws. The size of each grate is precisely calculated to open your cat’s paw.

The cat litter falls back into the basin for reuse. This helps to keep your floor and litter mat clean. It also keeps the doorway entrance clean and litter-free. 

3.       The pidan litter box is huge and roomy:

 It can accommodate even a 17 pounder kitty (8kgs)!

This allows your cat to turn around while digging and scratching comfortably.

4.       Aesthetics:

The igloo cat box has a beautiful minimalistic design that lifts the look in your house by complementing the interior décor in your house. Your guests can hardly think it’s a litter box.

Igloo litter boxes come in three different colors to choose from, arctic white, baby pink, and baby blue. Its design adds aesthetic value to your home.

5.       Kitty privacy:

The dome design offers your kitty her much-needed privacy while doing their thing. The enclosed space will give her the comfort of staying hidden away while relieving herself.

6.       Safe and sturdy:

The pidan litter box is a sturdy and safe box made with the best Ionpure Antibacterial Technology to protect your family and keep them safe.

Made from premium quality material that’s long-lasting.

7.       Easy to clean:

Cleaning this pidan litter box is easy since all it requires is just lifting the lid!

The basin is round with no edges that trap poop making the cleaning process smooth. The igloo cat litter box comes with an ergonomic scoop that handles the dirty litter quite well.

8.      It has a half-open design that ensures odor prevention and ventilation:

The covered litter boxes design prevents the bad smell from leaking into your living room.

 The half-open design, on the other hand, allows the litter box to remain well ventilated with fresh air coming through the doorway.

9.       Urine leak prevention:

The Igloo litter box comes with a built-in seam (can be seen through the entryway) to prevent urine leakage. The seam inside and the basin fit precisely. 

pedan igloo litter box

The Cons of the pidan igloo cat litter box

Pro tip: If you notice that your fat cat is struggling while inside the dome due to limited space, simply take out the litter scoop and place it outside the pidan cat litter box.

Igloo Litter Box Liners

Igloo cat litter tray linersare specially built to fit into the cat’s loo. The tray liners are biodegradable and disposable hence environmentally friendly. Each pack comes with five disposable liners.

Below are some benefits of the liners.


Some brands just stand out ahead of all other options on the market. Igloo is one of those brands that has brought forth many innovations.

The original igloo cat litter boxes are a great alternative for you and your cats. A lot of cats don’t like litter boxes, but they love the igloo litter box. Your cat deserves the best care and now you can give it to him with this.

This item will multiply the quality of life of your cat, so this is one of those rare things that may improve your life too!

If your cat is below 17 pounds (8kgs), loves her privacy, and you own a dog and love an aesthetically pleasing litter box, then the cat igloo litter box is definitely for you and your cat.

Davis Wilkins

Davis Wilkins is a dedicated cat lover, with three cats under his care. He grew up in a cat-loving family, nurturing these feline friends. As a result, he purposed to share his cat knowledge with the universe. Wilkins has been writing professionally for over four years, specializing in feline care with a keen interest in litter box care and handling. He hopes to help other feline lovers achieve their pet care goals.