The LUUUP litter box Review: The Only Guide You’ll Need

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Do you own a cat? If yes, let me ask you something – would you like to make it easier for yourself and your pet?

No matter how much we love our cats, we sometimes, well most of us, dread cleaning up after them. I know I certainly do. Imagine saying goodbye to those problems forever with the Luuup litter box?

Virtually all cat owners are anxious about the daily maintenance of cleaning the litter box. It is one of the most unpleasant duties of pet ownership. The Luuup Litter Box makes this significantly easier with its intelligent design, ergonomic approach to pet hygiene, and ease of use.

Luuup, a product designed to reduce odor in litter boxes, is gaining in popularity. This product claims to “eliminate odors 100% … without using harmful chemicals or fragrances.”

To test this claim, blogger A. Wright collected air samples around the litter box area at regular intervals. He then analyzed the collected data to find out if the Luuup litter box lived up to its claims.

Well, that’s what we’re going to be taking a look at in this article: just how good is it and what makes it so different from other litter boxes out there?

The LUUUP Litter Box Review

The LUUUP kitty litter box is considered one of the most innovative products that the global pet market has ever had over the years.

The Luuup cat’s litter box is a sifting litter box that makes life easier for cat owners. It has innovative features such as a spill guard that helps control spillage and keeps your floor clean.

While it is not a self-cleaning litter box, it has a three-tray cat litter box design that uses the sifting mechanism. This ensures that unused litter isn’t discarded with litter clumps and cat waste.

How does the Luuup litter box work?

Unlike other models of litter boxes which heavily rely on the back and forth transfer operations between the two standard litter pans and the litter tray, the Luuup version adopts three slotted boxes which form a continual sifting loop.

While this may sound complex, it is pretty simple. The luuup cat box has 3 stacked refining trays that are identical. Once you lift them, they sift out the unused litter to the lower trays forming a solid base.

This ensures that you don’t have to scoop the loop litter box daily. You can skip scooping altogether and simply toss the cat waste into the garbage directly from the tray.

The luuup cat litter box has the three trays stacked properly and fitting right to ensure that the trays do not move when your cat is in the middle of her business.

Once you fix the 3 trays firmly in place, you can add the spill protector which ensures that the kitty litter won’t spill over the sides of the three-tray cat litter box.

The next step involves adding about 15 lbs of clumping litter. This specific type of litter is important to enable the lift and sift mechanism of this 3-tray kitty litter box functional.

NB: To avoid any leakage, maintain about 3-4 inches of litter in the luuup cat box at all times.

Once your cat has eliminated in the loop litter box, the large clumps remain as the fine litter gets sifted through the sifting holes into the lower tray……just like a strainer!

When it’s time to empty the top tray, your cat can either use the lower tray or you can empty the top tray, wipe it clean gently with a cloth and return it to the stack.

You don’t need to wash the tray vigorously.

This creates a loop of 3 straining trays hence the name Luuup litter box!

PS: I bet you didn’t know that the name Luuup has 3 “U”s to represent the 3 trays.

Do sifting litter boxes work?

Yes, sifting litter boxes work.

A sifting litter box resembles a normal rectangular box. It however comes in 3 parts: two bottom trays and a fine mesh sifter that sits at the very top.

When you lift the top sifter, any solid waste and urine clumps stay inside for disposal, while the unsoiled litter falls through the sifting holes into the lower tray.

You don’t need to use a scooper when dealing with sifting litter boxes.

Features of the luuup cat litter box

·         Size

Before we talk about the luuup litter box dimensions, it is important to remember the general thumb rule which makes it a necessity for a litter box to be at least 1.5 times the height of your cat.

This will determine whether the versions of the Luuup litter boxes available in the market will be suitable for your pet cat or not.

Ideally, the Luuup litter box measures 15.4” X 20.2” X 5.2”. However, the depth can be increased to about 7.5 inches when the spill guard is incorporated. These dimensions greatly reveal why this litter box will only come in handy for smaller-sized cats.

The best cat litter to use with the Luuup litter box

The Luuup Company recommends that you acquaint yourself with either the crystal kitty litter pellets or the premium clumping litter for your Luuup litter box.

Silica gel crystals have ultra-absorbent properties and are highly effective in reducing the stinking issues that relate to clumping litter.

This litter box doesn’t work well with most types of litter, so stick to clumping litter and silica gel crystals.

Pros of the Luuup Litter Box

  1. Due to the 3-tray cat litter box design, it is easy to clean up. Nonetheless, this will only work if you pair the Luuup litter box with the right type, quality, and quantity of litter. If you do everything right, you’ll find the Luuup as one of the hassle-free litter box solutions available on the market.
  2. This litter pan creates less mess due to the spill guard available. It adds an extra layer of protection between the litter box and the floor to prevent any mess due to kicking cats.
  3. The sifting tray design ensures that less litter is wasted since only the clumps and dirty litter is thrown into the garbage bag. The unused kitty litter is trapped in the middle tray for reuse.
  4. No need to invest in a litter scoop due to the reliability of the sifting mechanism.
  5. The luuup cat box is durable and has a solid construction. The sifting trays fit snuggly together to form a compact box that doesn’t shake as your cat eliminates in it. The spill guard acts as a clamp holding the 3 trays together.

Cons of the Luup Litter Box

  1. A bit pricey. When compared to other litter boxes, it is more expensive yet it is not a self-cleaning litter box.
  2. Requires daily maintenance. This is because the slits can get clogged due to the tendency of your kitty’s urine to fuse on the sides and bottom of your Luup litter box even after successfully seeping through the litter. There are instances where the clumped litter will cake in the slots.
  3. This box doesn’t work with all types of kitty litter. You are restricted to premium clumping litter and silica crystal gel litter. If the clumping litter is low-quality litter, it might still be problematic.
  4. You need a high amount of litter initially when filling up the trays. This will ensure you don’t deal with messy leaks.

Is a Dirty Litter Box Dangerous?

Yes, a dirty litter box is very dangerous to your cat. 

 While the vet will check and give you medications when a kitty becomes sick, it is important to make you aware of the fact that a great deal of your cat’s health is in your hands.

A clean litter box is very necessary for your cat’s state of well-being as well as your own. 

Feline diseases may occur just in case you maintain a dirty litter box for your kittens and seniors.


When most pet owners think about the perfect litter box, they don’t account for all of their needs. There is more to choosing a cat’s litter box than you think.

You should consider if you have a cat or multiple cats, how many litter boxes you need, where those boxes will go, and other factors as well.

The Luuup is a high-quality, easy-to-use cat’s litter box.

This great litter box is an innovative, modern, and ergonomic sifting box made of a space-age plastic that promises to help you to improve your relationship with your cat by reducing mess and conserving clean litter for up to one month.

This in-depth review has detailed the features of the Luuup litter box and its benefits for both you and your cat.

It raised $1million on Kickstarter to become the 5th most funded project within pet products for pet owners. But does it live up to the hype?

What do you think?

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