Why The Portable Litter Box Is Worth Your Attention

Portable litter box

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The Best Portable Litter Box is the Necoichi Portable Cat Litter Box.

Did you know that you can buy a portable cat litter box?

You have a cat, right? It follows you everywhere, so why not take that love to the next level and start carrying her around in her portable litter box?

Traveling with your cats when you are out on the road can be a challenging experience. It requires a lot of research and planning before you hit the road.

One major concern that most pet parents encounter when they travel is their litter box setup.

One of the most important considerations for your cat’s care is its toilet.

Have you ever left the house on a road trip or vacation with your feline friend and wished that there was a “cat-friendly” alternative to conventional litter boxes?

There is, and it is called a portable litter box.

Ok, you’re probably wondering what a portable cat litter box is. The name says it all: it’s a portable cat litter tray for travel purposes of your kitty.

It can be used indoors and outdoors as well, so no more buying another litter box if you travel a lot or your pet goes to the bathroom outside.

Whether you are a cat owner or just a pet lover, the cat travel litter box is something that you might find interesting.

If you looking for a portable cat litter tray, but all the options seem too expensive, here’s a list of low-cost, yet durable and efficient cat litter boxes that are cheaper than many other brands.

In this article, through my own experience, as well as research and interviewing others who have used various travel litter boxes, my goal is to share with you the best portable litter box for your needs.

Portable Litter Boxes Top Picks

If you are pressed for time, here are the top 5 picks of portable cat litter boxes that I recommend for your travel:

1. Necoichi Portable Stress-Free Cat Cage and Cat Litter Box Set

2. Pet Fit For Life Collapsible Portable Litter Box with Collapsible Bowl

3. Nature’s Miracle Jumbo Disposable Litter Box

4. Cat’s Pride Kat Kit Litter Trays

5. IRIS Travel Litter Pan

What can I use for a traveling litter box?

Investing in a standard litter box for your cat is a relatively stress-free process. Other than cleaning it and scooping the waste, hardly much is needed from you.

This, however, changes when you are:

  • A frequent traveler and you have to take your cat with you on the journey.
  • Relocating and moving houses and you want to carry your feline friend with you.

The regular home litter box in most cases is not ideal for the journey and an alternative portable travel litter box is needed.

A portable cat box that can easily fit in your car or even a plane and isn’t a hustle to ferry around.

They come in different shapes and sizes and here I classify them into three categories:

  1. Collapsible litter boxes: These portable litter boxes collapse when not in use to save on space.
  2. Multi-use boxes
  3. Disposable travel litter boxes

Here are the best portable litter boxes for your cat:

1.      Necoichi Portable Stress-Free Cat Cage and Cat Litter Box Set


The Necoichi Portable Stress-Free Cat Cage and Cat Litter Box Set to keep your cat safe while she stays relaxed.

Ease of transport: This cage is easy to store and transport, and includes built-in seat belt straps for car travel. This is a foldable travel litter box that can be snapped shut and conveniently transported.

Calming: This is an ideal box set to put you and your cat at ease during those stressful travel periods.

Key Benefits:

  • The kit comes with a fleece mat, a cage, and a portable cat litter tray. This setup is complete for travel and you don’t have to go sourcing for other items elsewhere.
  • The two mesh panels on the sides give your cat adequate breathability and visibility, making her comfortable.
  • There are seamless and durable waterproof liners that keep leaks at bay. They are also easy to clean.
  • This portable litter box is foldable hence offering you easy portability.
  • Great for a frequent traveler


  • The cage is huge and may not fit easily on bucket car seats.
  • If your cat is aggressive, she may tear through the zippered opening.

2.      Pet Fit For Life Collapsible Portable Litter Box with Collapsible Bowl


Durable: The collapsible portable litter box is made from a durable, nylon fabric.

Spacious: It’s large enough to hold 4-5 pounds of travel kitty litter.

Key Benefits:

  • It is great for traveling and camping with your cat.
  • The flexible travel litter box collapses easily making storage convenient.
  • A bonus collapsible water bowl comes with it to keep her hydrated.
  • Easy to clean using a damp cloth.
  • You can use a litter liner with the cat litter pan.


  • An aggressive cat may tear through the material of the collapsible portable litter box.

3.      Nature’s Miracle Jumbo Disposable Cat Travel Litter Box 2 Pack


This package comes with two large Nature’s Miracle Jumbo Disposable Cat Litter Boxes.

Odor control: These boxes come with baking soda to neutralize the smelly odors while you travel.

Key Benefits:

  • The jumbo size of the travel litter box is incredible for accommodating your large cats. Great for a multi-cat household as well.
  • The baking soda provides extra protection against smelly odors and urine ammonia. This ensures that your cat doesn’t suffer and your nostrils are spared too while you are on the road.
  • Made from biodegradable eco-friendly recycled paper material. This allows you to conveniently dispose of it off while taking care of the environment.
  • It doesn’t shred nor leak, so it is messy-free.
  • It is suitable for use with any type of travel cat litter that your cat is used to.
  • Ideal for short trips


  • If you have cats that urinate frequently and heavily, it may not last until four weeks are over. This is because leaks may begin to appear.
  • Compared to your regular litter pan, they are more difficult to scoop. It’s common especially after the coating has worn off.
  • The sides of the box are not smooth and can be irritating when trying to scrape clumps away from the sides. This is especially if your cat chooses to aim right at the side.


96% of the cat owners who’ve bought this portable litter box are impressed and give it a 5-star rating!

4.      Cat’s Pride Kat Kit Litter Trays, case of 5


Economical: These are disposable trays that come pre-filled with three pounds of Cat’s Pride Fresh & Clean litter.

High Quality: This product is endorsed by the American Humane Society. It is a great quality product.

Key Benefits:

  • The litter has low dust and minimal tracking that keeps your environment clean and dust-free.
  • It’s easy to use, carry and handle. In addition, it is disposable hence saving you on cleaning time and effort.
  • Odor control: This litter is freshly scented clay litter that has natural sponge-like minerals. These have good absorbing qualities that keep odors at bay.
  • 100% made from recycled plastic hence assisting in preserving the environment.
  • They are intended to work for 7-10 days with 1 cat and about 5 days with 2 cats.


  • They need to be handled with care during transportation to avoid cracking.
  • They are a bit pricey.
  • If your cat is a digger, the litter amount may be shallow for her liking.

5.      IRIS Travel Litter Pan

This is a lightweight travel litter pan designed for convenience.

It’s ideal for road trips, camping, and general travel.

Key Benefits:

  • It is light and easy to transport
  • Avoids litter spillage due to the zipper top that keeps the litter contained when the pan isn’t in use.
  • It prevents urine leaks due to the PVC-coated interior anti-leak technology.
  • Easily foldable for storage when not in use


  • It is rather small and unsuitable for multiple cat use
  • May feel flimsy

How do you travel with a cat litter box?

Travel litter boxes are carried in a cat carrier and should fit in it while leaving space for your cat to move around and also sleep.

The cat carrier ensures that the box and the cat are stable during the motions of travel.

Your cat is adorable, I know, but letting her roam freely in the car while driving isn’t a good idea.

You may step on the brakes and dash her across the windshield or she gets stuck under the brake pedal.

Cats are territorial and creatures of habit. Before making the trip, make sure your cat acclimatizes to the new portable cat litter. Do this by adding some of the same types of litter she is used to.

Take a piece of clothing that your cat sleeps on such as a blanket and throw it inside the travel box.

This is important otherwise you will end up with a stinky mess on your car backseat.

Set up the travel box days before the travel date and add the same type of cat litter as she’s used to.

Place it inside the cat carrier and leave the door open. Allow your cat to explore this new space and get familiar with it.

This will help eliminate anxiety and put her at ease when you finally travel and shut the door on her.

Factors to consider before buying a travel kitty litter box

1.      Your cat’s current state of health:

Has your cat had diarrhea or stomach problems lately? This can turn out to be a nightmare when traveling and you were not prepared for it.

Ideally, you should consult your veterinarian officer who should treat your cat before the journey. Then make the trip when your cat is well.

However, in some instances, that may not be possible due to strict deadlines.

So, what can you do to make the journey bearable when your cat is having diarrhea?

  • Carry the medication to administer to your cat with you.
  • Give easily digestible cat food and clean water to your cat
  • Have a closed odor-resistant travel litter box.
  • Ensure the portable cat litter box is easily washable without getting damaged.

2.      The length of the journey:

How long do you intend to take on the road or air before settling into a house?

This will guide you in picking the right type of box for traveling.

For short journeys, a disposable litter box will work perfectly. Once you get to your destination, simply throw it away.

For longer journeys, a more durable litter box that’s washable and firm is needed.

3.      The age of your cat:

How old is your cat? Do you have kittens with you or an older cat?

When dealing with kittens that have just been litter box trained, it is important to keep the dynamics as constant as possible. You can use the same regular cat litter tray for traveling.

However, keep a constant check on the kittens to see how they are responding to the constant road bumps and tossing back and forth.

4.      Your cat’s prior experience of traveling:

Is she a traveling cat? A cat that has traveled before and has grown comfortable will know how to alert you when the need to relieve herself arises.

She will be less agitated and can withstand the hustle of a bumpy road trip.

An inexperienced cat will require more delicate handling from you. Keep an eye on her and guide her to use the portable cat litter tray when necessary.

Reassure her too in case she becomes unsettled.

5.      The Size of the travel box:

Select a travel cat litter box that is ideal for your cat. Remember that a general way to measure this is by getting a litter box that’s between 1.5-2 times bigger than your cat.

This gives her enough room to turn and dig when eliminating. It avoids having parts or her rear end hanging out of the cat litter pan.

6.      The quality of the travel box:

For starters, it needs to be water-resistant. Can you imagine the travel cat litter tray getting soaked up and leaking while in the back seat? Gross, just gross!

Travelling can be unpredictable and should the rain catch you outside, the box should not absorb the water and get damaged in the process.

A water-resistant cat litter tray will be easy to clean and wipe when need be.

The overall material that makes the travel box should be of quality to ensure durability. It should be firm and able to withstand various harsh weather conditions.

It should be scratch-resistant too by your cat’s claws.

What is a portable cat litter box for travel and why do you need one?

These are a set of features you should consider before getting the best portable cat litter box for your cat:

  1. Compact, collapsible, and packable to fit in your car.
  2. Should be acceptable to your cat.
  3. Usually smaller than the standard cat litter tray and come in multiple sizes, shapes, and designs.
  4. Made of biodegradable and recyclable materials

Disposable litter boxes for traveling

This is a collapsible litter box, frequently made of waxed or crimped cardboard, which is dispensable and recyclable.

Dispensable boxes are too flimsy and unstable to even think about using each day.

They are particularly helpful at feline shows, for voyaging, getaways, and for felines who are sick for a brief span (especially in a multiple-cat household, where you don’t want to risk spreading any sickness).

After the show or vacation, or when the cat’s wellbeing has improved, you simply discard the container.

Advantages of Disposable Litter Boxes:

  1. They are cheap
  2. Great odor control
  3. Convenient for traveling
  4. Saves time by not cleaning the cat travel litter box
  5. Highly convenient and portable

Disadvantages of a Disposable Cat Litter Box:

  1. Usually smaller in size
  2. Most are made of cardboard and may leak after several visits by your cat or multiple cats.
  3. Some may be for a single time use

Are disposable litter boxes worth it?

Yes, disposable litter boxes are worth it.

The best disposable litter boxes are self-contained, compact, and can be repacked.

Usually, they have a short lifespan due to assembling and reassembling.

They require little care and are simply acquired for use in a journey or short travel span.

They are necessary for making the journey cozier for you and your cat.

Some come with a zipper cover which ensures you store the cat litter while on the road.


Cat sedative for travel

During travel, your cat is likely to get anxious. This is common when it’s her first time doing it.

It’s extremely difficult to quantify anxiety in animals.

To calm her down, you can consider using a cat sedative for travel with the guidance of your veterinarian.

You can opt for a natural cat sedative during travel or a conventional cat sedative.

Anti-anxiety drugs have been in use for a long in the pet world and they are classified as:

  • Sedative hypnotics cause sedation and progress towards sleep or hypnosis with a dosage increase. In addition, they also cause muscle relaxation, prevent convulsion, and can cause dependency with prolonged use.

Don’t panic, I won’t go into the technical details of their mode of action, pharmacodynamics, and pharmacokinetics. I’ll keep it pretty simple. Examples include barbiturates and benzodiazepines.

  • Sedative autonomics affect the peripheral nervous system. Additionally, they lower seizures, increase muscle tone and minimize the development of dependence.
  • Diazepam causes sedation and can be used cat tranquilizer for travel under the guidance of your veterinarian officer.

How long can my cat go without a litter box?

The frequency at which your cat uses his litter box varies greatly depending on his age and health status.

Most adult cats will urinate at least once or twice a day in their litter box and defecate at least once daily as well.

Kittens may use their litter box anywhere from 3-5 times per day.

However, it is not advisable to put your cat in conditions where they can’t access the litter box since it might end up being a messy affair.

Can I bring a cat litter box on a plane?

Yes, you can bring a portable litter box on a plane. However, you must do several things bore hand:

  • Research about the airline you are planning on using.
  • Settle on a pet-friendly airline.
  • Contact them to confirm whether they will allow your cat to travel in the cabin with you.
  • Ask about any health documents and necessary paperwork needed.
  • Book in advance!
  • Get a quality portable litter box for airplane travels


As you can see, there are plenty of options available at your disposal.

The best disposable cat litter box for travel will be dictated by the factors outlined above and your cat.

However, one that is suitable for almost all occasions is the Necoichi Portable Cat Litter Box.

Ensure you get the best travel litter box for your cat and the traveling will be enjoyable both for you and your cat.

We look forward to helping you find an ideal product that you’re sure to love using.