The Unbiased Breeze Litter Box System Review

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One day in 2007, I came home to find my cat with a tiny kitten in his mouth. I had accidentally put them together and now the two were inseparable.

I was responsible for their new litter box, so I did some research to find the best system for indoor cats.

We stumbled upon the tidy cat’s breeze litter box system and we were completely sold.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret…

Have you heard of the Purina Tidy Cats Litter Box System?

 The Purina Tidy Cats Litter Box System consists of three pieces of the sifting litter box, accompanied by a slide-out tray attached to an excellent absorbent material that acts as the pee pad.

 The breeze tidy cat litter box is one of the most solid cat litter box designs out there.

It’s a simple, reliable, and good-looking solution for your feline friends.

The breeze tidy cat litter box also handles odors pretty well, so it doesn’t smell…something you will appreciate very quickly!

The breeze litter box is a cat litter box with a difference.

It is different in the sense that it uses disposable litter pads that are made of special non-clumping granules that absorb urine into the pad.

 They then trap odors in so your home stays free of unwanted odors.

I know, it’s not always easy to transition a cat to a new system.

There is no one-size-fits-all box, but hopefully, by the time you get to the end of this blog, you will be completely sold.

The Breeze pet litter box is very simple to use and affordable. I’d like to tell you how the Breeze works and show you how it has helped me keep my house cleaner.

Read on for all the juicy details on the review of the Purina breeze litter box.

What’s a Breeze Litter Box?

The breeze box is an alternative litter pan that presents an enchanting turnout. 

The tidy cat breeze system consists of three pieces of the sifting litter box, accompanied by a slide-out tray attached to an excellent absorbent material that acts as the pee pad. 

It is then filled with a tidy cat breeze pellets alternative specifically meant to absorb moisture from the solid waste to provide a cool and dry environment.

The Breeze litter box comes in two different forms:

  1. The original Purina tidy cats breeze cat litter box system
  2. The tidy cat’s breeze hooded cat litter box system.

The breeze box dimensions usually differ according to the version.

It contains three different parts:

  1. The base comprises a slide-out tray that accommodates the pee pad
  2. The high sided top
  3. A sifting tray.

Although, in the hooded version, the high-sided top is replaced by an enclosed hood.

When you acquire the tidy cat’s breeze litter box, you are given a unique scoop with spacious slots that sifts the box’s pellets. 

You are also given a 3.5-pound bag that contains pellets and a 4-pack of the cat pads. 

The Purina tidy cats Breeze system is sold as a kit and designed to be used for one month for a single cat.

Does the Tidy Cats Breeze Litter System Work?

The tidy cat’s Breeze litter box system works excellently.

The hectic of cleaning the cat litter box has been eliminated since you are only expected to scoop out the poop. It’s easy to scoop.

In terms of cat’s breeze litter box reviews, this is the outstanding model of the cat litter box system that is easy to manage and promotes a reasonable hygiene level.

How Does the Breeze Litter Box Work?

The tidy cats’ breeze cat litter system works by using special anti-tracking litter pellets that have impeccable features, making them free of dust, highly absorbent, and anti-tracking pellets.

The anti-tracking litter pellets in the system allow the cat urine to pass through and be absorbed by the pad designed under the box.

Solid wastes such as poo remain at the top of the litter pellets making the cleaning process more manageable.

How to Set Up the Breeze Cat Litter Box System?

Fill the tidy cats breeze cat litter box system with the litter pellets and place a pad on the tray at the bottom.

This allows urine to pass through the litter pellets directly to the pad.

 The pad placed on the bottom tray is responsible for absorbing the urine while the solid waste (feces) settles on the litter pellets’ top.

The mode of separating the liquid and solid waste helps eliminate the strong urine ammonia odor experienced in most litter boxes.

The Purina tidy cats’ Breeze cat litter box system avails an effortless work of scooping (easy to scoop) the waste daily since no waste sticks to the system. 

The pellets are manufactured from silica gel and zeolite.

The silica gel ensures that the bag of pellets does not produce any form of dust like other cat litters.

Winking cat
How Is the Bottom Pad Cleaned?

Simple! The bottom pad is cleaned by pulling out the pellets and pads tray after a regular period and folding it in a plastic bag, dispose of in the trash.

Cat owners mostly prefer the tidy cats breeze cat litter system since it is easy to set up and efficiently prevents the strong urine smell (ammonia odor). 

It contains improvised pellets dust free and allows the passage of urine to the pads and pellets at the bottom, separating it from solid waste.

Critical Customer Tips

How Long Do Breeze Pellets Last?

The cats’ breeze cat litter box system pellets are enough to be used for a whole month.

According to the manufacturers, a single bag of Purina tidy cats breeze new litter pellets is enough for one month.

Moreover, changing the pellets regularly is healthier for your pet as they might turn out to be toxic and alter your cat’s health.

The cats’ breeze cat litter box pods are also given out as part of the whole system on purchase.

How often do you change Breeze litter?

The answer depends on how many cats you have and how often they urinate.

If you only have one cat, then once every two weeks should be fine.

About the Manufactures

The Tidy Cats brand has an impeccable reputation in the pet industry.

The brand was instigated in 1940 when the first traditional cat litter box was established. The Tidy Cats produce high-quality breeze boxes at a friendly price.

The brand also invented the breeze xl litter box, which has been on the market for an extended period.  

In the early 1990s, the brand went to greater heights, being an international brand grossing over $165 million in its yearly sales.

The Tidy Cats currently offers various litter box brands such as the breeze cat litter system discontinued, the tidy cat breeze system discontinued breeze xl litter box and the Purina breeze litter box hood.

The brand leads in innovations and invents an outstanding sifting litter box system. 

The tidy cats’ Breeze cat litter system is for cat owners who want to upgrade from using the traditional litter boxes and wants comfort for themselves and their cats.

Benefits of the Breeze Litter System

The tidy cat litter box system portrays various quality factors that make many cat owners go for it.

Cons of the tidy cats’ breeze boxes

What litter can you use with the Breeze litter box?

According to the research I’ve done, most cats like the Tidy Cats Breeze cat Litter Pellets.

The Tidy Cats Breeze cat Litter Pellets are specifically designed for use with the Purina tidy cat litter box system.

These pellets are larger than the conventional clumping clay litter.

They absorb any wetness from the litter waste, enhancing the scooping ability of the waste.

These pellets are non-clumping but allow the cat urine to flow through into the pee pad in the tray underneath.

The cat litter system comes with a litter scoop to remove the solid waste easily for disposal.



Is the Breeze cat litter system discontinued?

The Breeze cat litter system is not discontinued.

 It is available at PetSmart and Petco as well as other major pet supply retailers.

The Breeze litter system is part of Tidy Cats’ Scoop brand.

 The company recommends changing the litter crate weekly, replacing the pad weekly, and washing the pellets every two weeks.

The new Breeze system is a complete redesign of the original tidy cat Breeze system.

 The pellets are lighter in color and are made from recycled paper. The pellets are much more absorbent, so you can change your cat’s litter even less often.

Also, the new Breeze litter pad is larger and more durable than the previous pad.

The new Breeze system is available at PetSmart stores only.

The original Breeze box litter system remains available at other retailers such as Amazon, Chewy, Petco, etc.


This is a very good system for anyone who wants to try a new way of taking care of their kitties.

 I recommend this to people who want to buy a system that would be a one-time investment instead of having to keep buying things every month like other fancy-looking kitty boxes.

 I love my breeze cat box and if you are thinking about trying it out then please do so.

The Purina tidy cats breeze cat litter box system has been tested, read by vets, and comes with a 1-year warranty.

If you’re thinking about investing in a high-quality cat litter box, then look no further than the breeze box litter system.

We hope that you’ve found our review to be helpful.

It would also make for a great gift for any cat owners on your list this holiday season.

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