Litter Box Issues and How To Solve Them

By Davis Wilkins •  Updated: 05/07/22 •  2 min read
UV Black light shining on carpet
How To Detect Cat Pee On Carpet.
Have you ever smelt urine odor on your carpet but you can’t spot the mess?
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Seated cat
How To Prevent Cat Litter Box Problems.
Is your cat fond of eliminating in a particular area, say a dark corner, specific spot on the carpet or a preferred room, and you are tired of it? How do you prevent this? Read More

Cat standing next to smelly litter box
Ways to Control Litter Box Smell
If you can smell a slight odor, just know that your cat can smell this 100 times more. Read More

Cat licking her paw
Why is My Female Cat Spraying All Of A Sudden?
Cats communicate through various ways and cat spraying is one of the forms of scent communication Read More

cat sitting next to a fruit basket
Feline Lower Uterine Disease (FLUTD)
FLUTD is a combination of diseases with multiple causes that target the lower urinary tract of cats.
It involves symptoms such as painful irritation of the urinary bladder to chronic dangerous conditions that require urgent attention.
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Cat inside litter box
My Cat is Diarrhearing Outside the Litter Box. Please Help?
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Cat Inside Bowl
Why Does My Cat Sleep In The Litter Box
It is unusual for your cat to sleep in the litter box. Usually, it’s an indication of an underlying cause.
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