Where to Put a Cat Litter Box in a Small Apartment: A Practical Guide!

By Davis Wilkins •  Updated: 03/25/23 •  6 min read

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Where to put a cat litter box when you live in a small apartment can be a tricky question to answer.

While you may have plenty of space, it’s still not always practical to have a separate room where you can keep your cat litter box. With a small apartment, it is important to maximize the space available.

Cat litter boxes are a necessity for pet owners. But you’d be surprised at just how much room you need to accommodate one cat’s litter box. You don’t want your pet to have to wait and wonder whether it can use the box or not, so here is some advice on where to put a cat litter box in a small apartment or house.

Here is a list of places where you can put a cat litter box that works well in small apartments.

In this post, we take a look at some of them and where you can put them for maximum effectiveness.

How can I hide my litter box in a small apartment?

If you have a studio apartment, it can be difficult to find a place to put your cat’s litter box. One solution is to get a covered box that looks like furniture. This will hide the litter box and make it easier for guests to visit without being embarrassed by seeing a dirty litter box.

Where is the best place to place a cat litter box?

Where should you not put a litter box?

These are the worst places to place your kitty’s tray:

Where is the best place to put a cat litter box in a small apartment?

1.    The bathroom:

This is a convenient location for both you and her. It is easy to access and also clean out. Your bathroom will avail her with quietness and warmth. Don’t place the litter box where it will be difficult for her to complete the litter box activity.

Remember to leave the bathroom door open at all times to allow easy entry and exit, otherwise, they may end up soiling your home. You can also create a cat door.

2.    A spare bedroom:

This is a great area since it is a low-traffic and quiet place. Keep the door open always or invest in a cat door large enough to allow your huge cat to enter and leave the room.

Invest in a simple door jammer or even better have a cat door as this will keep the room private and ensure the children or other pets don’t disturb your cat when eliminating or resting.

Make sure the cat’s litter box is in an easy-to-find place, away from carpeted surfaces and walls which are difficult to wash should your cat spray.

If you decide to place the box on a carpeted area, ensure you have in place a litter box carpet protector.

3.    In a closet:

A small walk-in closet is a great place for a litter box if it’s not too close to where you store your shoes. A no-door closet works well too, as long as it’s not in a high-traffic area. Just keep the door open so that your cat can get in and out easily.

4.    Your living room:

Since you are pressed for space, you can utilize the minimal space in your living room. Place the litter box in the living room. The best way to go about it is by investing in litter box furniture that acts as decorative pieces or pieces of furniture such as a table, and also a kitty pan.

You can also impose some creativity lessons and disguise your litter box to take the shape of the furniture in your house.

5.    Litter box under kitchen sink cabinet:

Most small apartments have a kitchen cabinet under the sink, where you can place the litter box.

To utilize this space, ensure that:

6.    Litter box under the table:

If you have a table in your small apartment, an end table, a console table, or a basic table with four legs, that’s a great spot to hide a modern litter box for your cat. This usually works if the table has an open bottom.

You can easily transform this space into a cat haven, by placing the cat litter box under the table. Using a tablecloth, cover the table and allow the cloth to extend to almost touching the floor. This way it conceals the cat tray.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s the best Litter box for a small apartment?

The best litter boxes for a small apartment are classified into 3:
·         Top Entry Cat Litter Boxes
·         Hidden Cat Litter Boxes
·         Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes
If you want an exact breakdown of each category and specific brands that you can buy, click the link above.

Can you put a litter box in a closet?

Yes, you can put a litter box in a closet.
A closet is a good choice if you have no other options. But your cat will need more room than just the box. You may also want to consider getting a larger litter box so that your cat has plenty of space for privacy when using the box.
However, we recommend not placing it directly in front of your closet door. The reason for this is that cats don’t like to be trapped by anything. If they feel like they are trapped, they will either attempt to escape or become very stressed out.


The great appeal of having a cat is that it can be super low-maintenance and very friendly.

But where do you put the cat litter box, especially in a small house like a studio? Should the litter box be put inside the bathroom (near the toilet) or the kitchen (near the sink)? That’s for you to decide.

It can seem difficult to find space for your cat’s litter box in your small apartment, but if you get creative enough all the space will be used for your cat.

In addition to that, never place it close to your table and knives!

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